Cheeseball Pinwheels - A Classic Combination

Cheeseball Pinwheels Another one of my favorites are pinwheels.  I must be passing on some of my loves to my kids, because this idea came to my youngest daughter.  She wanted to combine her Daddy’s favorite cheeseball recipes with the idea of pinwheels and the Cheeseball Pinwheel was born.  Takes the task away from having to spread the cheeseball onto a cracker. The cheeseball is all rolled up into the

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Tuna Salad Pinwheels Ok, last pinwheel (at least for a while).  I don’t want to overdo the pinwheels, but man, they are so easy to make and they are such good appetizers/finger foods for parties and get togethers.  I really do keep these in my fridge for me to snack on if I’m too lazy to make a salad or something else to hold me over. This one is made

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Chicken Salad Pinwheels   I am on several kicks lately and pinwheels is one of them.  I love these for many reasons.  They’re good as appetizers and snacks. They are perfect for me to just pull it out of the fridge and slice it a couple times, munch on it and then put it back.  They also come in handy if you are hosting a party, or need to take