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Fajita Casserole

Fajita Casserole. AKA your Mexican dinner all in one dish. Served with chips or as a burrito with a tortilla.

Guacamole Onion Dip by

Guacamole Onion Dip I created a different guacamole dip using my food processor. I’m pretty new to the food processor and I’m trying different things out.  I love how it “chops” everything so fast.  However, I haven’t perfected not turning everything into mush though.  I plan on sharing tips as I learn them though. This guacamole onion dip is very similar to regular guacamole dip without the cilantro or peppers

Bean Burritos #burritos #refriedbeans

Easy Bean Burritos Here is a quickie for ya, as long as you don’t mind making one by one, or have two pans going.  They don’t take but a couple minutes on each side. So, my guess would be to make 10, all in the same pan, it would take you about 40 minutes.  But here’s the best news of all…these can be made ahead of time and frozen.  Then