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Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese by

Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese. BACON LOVERS!! Take your grilled cheese up a notch by wrapping it in some awesome bacon. #bacon #grilledcheese #recipe

Avocado Ranch Turkey Burgers by

Avocado Ranch Turkey Burgers Another great summertime recipe.  All you need is 2 ingredients plus seasoning, if desired.  The turkey burgers and Avocado Ranch Dressing.  I have said before that while I do still eat beef, I have started cutting waaaaaay back on it.  And, I have been coming up with good enough burgers that don’t require a bun.  In fact, the picture shown here is not my burger.  This

Meatball Sliders by

Meatball Sliders I saw a picture of meatball sliders on the web somewhere and had to try them. So, I did.  I wasn’t disappointed either.  Other than the fact that my meatballs had to be big enough to fit the slider, these were awesome. And, you can customize them just like your hamburgers.  Use whatever dressing, vegetables and cheese that you want to get perfect taste you like so well.

Corndog Muffins by

Corndog Muffins I don’t think I will rant and rave about this one. It was mediocre.  Kids will like it, adults will probably want more taste.  Something seem to be missing.  I found this online and instead of calling that recipe out, I’ll just give you my opinion of it. Looks great, right?  But, like I said, something was missing.  Maybe because I’m use to drenching my cornbread with butter

Turkey and Swiss Sliders #sliders #sandwich #turkey

Turkey and Swiss Sliders Don’t you just love sliders and how versatile they can be? You could eat them for lunch or dinner.  Or you could keep them around and have one for a snack.  How about as an appetizer for a party or get together? I think the first “sliders” I saw was at Chili’s restaurant.  I thought they were such cute little burgers. I can never finish a

Taco Grilled Cheese

Taco Grilled Cheese This isn’t my creation this time.  Sarah, my youngest, Ms. Taco Lover, came up with this and made it.  I just took the pictures. Hopefully, I’m wearing off on her and she will love to cook and create!   Sarah used the leftover meat that I used to make the Taco Egg Rolls.  So, remember that when you make this.  You can make several meals with one

Ham and Swiss Ranch Roll Up Sandwich

Ham and Swiss Ranch Roll Up Sandwich That’s a mouthful right?  This is a easy quick fix for lunch or for dinner.  You can use whatever meats and cheese you want with this baby.  I used french bread dough, ham, swiss cheese and ranch dressing.  Buttered the top and sprinkled some parmesan cheese. Then baked it! I sliced mine for small sandwiches, but if you want to pig out, go


Philly Cheesesteak Roll A new take on the classic Philly Cheesesteak. This turned out really good.  Everyone being served loved it, from kids to adults. And get this, the kids ranged from 1 up to 10 years old. We made two of these, one with onions (for adults) and one without (for children). I added the onions with the meat in the skillet and cooked it together.  The only problem

Popcorn Chicken Wrap

  Popcorn Chicken Wrap   Here’s a quick and easy meal/snack, whatever you want to call it.  Have you ever had a chicken wrap at Mcdonalds?  This is pretty similar, except the chicken pieces are smaller.  So when you take a bite of this one, you don’t have to fight that big piece of chicken that you don’t end up biting through and then you’re left with a flat wrap.