Ham and Potato Scramble

Ham and Potato Scramble Ham, potatoes, cheese and eggs.  Great combination in my book.  Great thing about breakfast foods is you can eat it no matter what time of day it is.  This happened to be a late breakfast for me. I actually ate it for lunch.  I had a granola bar in the morning that held me over, but I was still craving some breakfast foods. Not sure if

Glazed Sliced Ham by 3GLOL.net

Glazed Sliced Ham   You can have Ham any time of the year, but it’s especially good for Easter, Thanksgiving and most definitely Christmas.  This recipe is such an easy recipe to make. Not a lot of fuss, which comes in handy if you’re making it with lots of other food. I took a simple pre-cooked sliced ham and added a to die for glaze and topped it with the

Ham-Noodle Casserole @ 3GLOL

Ham-Noodle Casserole Another great meal to put together before-hand and then throw in the oven when you’re short on time.  This casserole turned out great.  Another recipe from my old Better Homes and Garden Cookbook.  And, of course, I changed it up some.  We’re not big on mushrooms or pimentos here, so I dropped them and added onions instead. The casserole has cheddar cheese soup (there’s my cheese) and loaded

Cheesy Ham and Vegetable Soup @ 3GLOL

Cheesy Ham and Vegetable Soup It’s that time of year peeps!!  Time for soups, roast, chicken and dumplings and much more.  I hate the temps outside, I’m not a “cold” person, but I love the new season for the tv shows and I love the food that comes with it! Yes, that’s my life.  Work, blog, cook, eat and watch tv. 🙂  I’m good with it! My mom passed on

Ham and Swiss Ranch Roll Up Sandwich

Ham and Swiss Ranch Roll Up Sandwich That’s a mouthful right?  This is a easy quick fix for lunch or for dinner.  You can use whatever meats and cheese you want with this baby.  I used french bread dough, ham, swiss cheese and ranch dressing.  Buttered the top and sprinkled some parmesan cheese. Then baked it! I sliced mine for small sandwiches, but if you want to pig out, go

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HAM & CHEESE OMELET First and foremost…omelets are low carb.  This is one main reason I love them and eat them so much.  It’s filling and everything is all in one.  Not that I mind eating my food separately, but I love when it’s all in one bite.  Another great thing about omelets, is that you can make them to each person’s liking.  Some mornings, I will make 3 different

Ham and Cheese PInwheels

Ham & Cheese Pinwheels This is a recipe for your basic pinwheel.  You should add any extra ingredients that you like in yours. I wanted to get you started and then let you create!  There are so many variations to pinwheels.  You can change everything, add some things, or just leave it as is! My ideal pinwheel would have more cheese (duh!), ham and turkey, shredded lettuce, olives with some