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Loaded HOMEMADE Mashed Potatoes by

Loaded HOMEMADE Mashed Potatoes Why eat regular mashed potatoes when you can have Loaded HOMEMADE Mashed Potatoes?  Ok, maybe when you have a big meal.  Other than that…these are the bomb.  And they are easier to eat than a Loaded Baked Potato. My tummy gives me trouble here and there.  When it does, I try to eat softer food.  But I didn’t want plain ole mashed potatoes. So, I made

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup by

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup What is Fall without some Chicken Noodle Soup?  Boring.  That’s what.  Do you know all the benefits of homemade chicken noodle soup?  Let me enlighten you some. Store bought cans of chicken noodle soup are high in sodium. Homemade soup can be made with lower sodium ingredients.  Watching your calorie intake?  Most chicken noodle soups are low in calories.  AND the soup is full of vitamins