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Cheeseball Pinwheels - A Classic Combination

Cheeseball Pinwheels Another one of my favorites are pinwheels.  I must be passing on some of my loves to my kids, because this idea came to my youngest daughter.  She wanted to combine her Daddy’s favorite cheeseball recipes with the idea of pinwheels and the Cheeseball Pinwheel was born.  Takes the task away from having to spread the cheeseball onto a cracker. The cheeseball is all rolled up into the

Easy Cheese Ball #cheeseball #appetizer

Easy Cheese Ball This is a real put together quick cheese ball.  The only thing that may have been a little difficult was rolling it around in the pecans.  Speaking of pecans, you don’t have to use them if you don’t like.  You could omit them all together, or you could change them out to whatever nut you prefer.  This cheese ball only has 4 ingredients including the nuts.  Is