Good Fish vs Bad Fish

                    Eating some fish will seriously jeopardize your health because of the mercury content, but eating others will help you live to 100. Which are which? These types are safe and have lots of omega-3s for a healthier heart: anchovies Chinook salmon farmed salmon herring Atlantic mackerel sablefish striped bass Pacific oysters sardines albacore tuna freshwater trout Swim clear of these

Clean, Organize & Sell - In da Kitchen

I recently published a post on Clean, Organize & Sell – General Tips. If you missed it, go check it out.  I will give ideas for individual rooms now, starting with the Kitchen.  In my opinion, the kitchen is probably your most un-organized room.  The kitchen holds a lot more than you think.  Come with me on the journey…to rid yourself of unnecessary clutter (stuff) and some ideas of what

Homemade Heating Pad

                    Don’t spend your money on an aromatherapy heating pillow! Instead, add uncooked, long-grain rice to a sock and tie it shut.  Whenever you need a little heat for some pain or after a long day, stick it in the microwave on high for 1-2 minutes (heat varies in microwave) and you’ll have soothing warmth. To add a little scent to

Killer, FREE Recipes

  Here are some links for you to sign up for some killer recipes. From crock pot to casserole to desserts. Some of these links include gluten free and vegan recipes as well.  Check them out!! Recipe Lion – All kinds of AWESOME recipes All Free Casserole Recipes All Free Slow Cooker Recipes All Free Copy Cat Recipes Allrecipes by Kingsford Food Network       Brand Foods

Hiccup cures

                    When “BOO!”, drinking upside down, and holding your breath doesn’t work…try these crazy ideas instead to get rid of your hiccups…. Put sugar under your tongue and let it dissolve. Swallow a tablespoon of lemon juice. Swallow a teaspoon of vinegar, yuck! Eat a big spoonful of peanut butter. OR…this crazy idea, Insert a Q-tip into your mouth and gently

Exercise the Easy Way

Can’t leave the house to go exercise? You don’t have to!  Here are some starter ideas to get your exercise on…. Stairs – use the stairs as your workout routine. Cans of food – use as weights. Walk – create a path in the house and continuously walk it. Yoga in the living room anyone? Other suggestions if you don’t have 20-30-40-50-60 minutes to give all at once….. March in

Living Large Tip#2-List Consolidation

    When you have a large family, your “to do” list grows, and there’s no way of getting around it. If you’re like me, you find yourself surrounded by lists and thus having to juggle and keep track of them all! I’ve got list for groceries, dinner menus for the week, and lunch since we home school, birthdays, appointments, goals, kids chores, deep cleaning schedule, bills, errands, school schedule,

Ripen Tomato

To bring already-picked tomatoes from green to red, place them n a closed paper bag with an apple.   + + = Rock on! ~Bobbi

Double the Frosting

This simple trick saves money and calories.  You may not have time to make your own frosting, but you can blend store bought frosting with a hand mixer to double the volume.   Just use a hand mixer (or mixing bowl) for about 2-3 minutes and you will have doubled your frosting. How easy is that? Rock on! ~Bobbi

Award Winning Pie Crust

You’ll impress anyone with this one. Ok, at least you’ll impress fellow pie makers. After you’ve crimped the crust, but before you place your work of art in the oven, go around the edge again, this time carefully lifting the crust ever-so-slightly from the dish so it won’t stick while baking. When you go to serve pieces “just like Grandma, or in my case “G” made”, they’ll come out in

Spreading the Love Tip #2- Hold the Door

Here’s another forgotten kind gesture…hold the door open.  Instead of letting that door slam behind you, hold it open for someone heading in or coming out.  How about not rushing to get to door before someone else, so you can beat them in, but rather to hold the door open for them.  This will not only help people out, but will get your mind thinking about others, which is a

Save that strawberry

Hate the waste of chopping/cutting off the stems of your strawberries with a knife? Try this….after washing, push the stems out from the bottom up using a plastic straw. Rock on! ~Bobbi

Here are some links for you to sign up to receive free crochet patterns in your email.  I have found many patterns using these sites.   ALLFREECROCHETAFGHANPATTERNS ALLFREECROCHET RED HEART YARN LION BRAND YARN CROCHET PATTERN CENTRAL FREE VINTAGE CROCHET CROCHET AT PLAY YARNSPIRATIONS FREE CROCHET Here are some YouTube channels that offer free patterns along with the tutorial…don’t forget to subscribe to their channel. And definitely don’t forget to

Leftover Onion

You’ve chopped up half an onion….. and you’d like to save the rest for later. Make sure the onion last longer in your  fridge by rubbing the cut end with butter, then wrapping in plastic wrap.  Rock  on! ~Bobbi  

Tips for the Large Family #1-A Call to Duty

There’s many nick names we’ve acquired over the years for our family…our crew, our gang, our posse, our brood, our litter, our team, and our army.  Well, in a large family, the demand for everyone to play a part increases.  Are you a one man show?  Remind yourself and your family a ship requires a whole functioning crew, there’s no I in team, every soldier has a vital task, and

Separating Eggs

Even if you don’t have an egg separator, it’s easy to separate an egg’s yolk from it’s white. Place the smallest funnel you have over a container, then gently crack the egg into it.  The white will slide into the container, while the yolk will stay behind (in the funnel). Rock on! ~Bobbi

Makin Bacon

Always rinse bacon under cold water before frying — it will reduce the amount the bacon shrinks when you cook it. Rock on! ~Bobbi

Repurposed Paintbrush

Before you throw away that old paintbrush, use it as a cleaning brush.  Cut the bristles very short and use in hard-to-reach places like corners. Get that dirt out of the corner of your floor!  Maybe check behind the toilet. Eck. Rock On! ~Bobbi

Clean, Organize & Sell - General Tips

Did you know that you can make money by cleaning and organizing your home?  Now you do..or by the time I’m done with this series, you will.  I will give you tips on cleaning & organizing rooms in your house and then I will give you some ideas on how to sell some of the items you don’t need or use anymore.   Here are some good reasons to clean

Spreading the Love Tip#1- Start with a Smile

I’m starting the Spreading the Love Tips with a basic that most American’s have forgotten…a simple smile!   Have you ever had the most awful/stressful day and had it turned around with a smile from someone?  From this day forward make a conscience effort to smile more at people around you.  Smile at the people you know, and the people you don’t know.  You really have no idea what this