Worchestershire Sauce

Cheeseball Pinwheels - A Classic Combination

Cheeseball Pinwheels Another one of my favorites are pinwheels.  I must be passing on some of my loves to my kids, because this idea came to my youngest daughter.  She wanted to combine her Daddy’s favorite cheeseball recipes with the idea of pinwheels and the Cheeseball Pinwheel was born.  Takes the task away from having to spread the cheeseball onto a cracker. The cheeseball is all rolled up into the

Andrews Dipping Sauce

Andrews Dipping Sauce. Sweet and spicy dipping sauce for your chicken strips, fries, or to use as a marinade for your chicken wings.

Crunchy Burgers by 3glol.net

Crunchy Burgers Are you one of those peeps that takes a bite of your burger and then before you’re done chewing, you have to put a chip in your mouth and combine the two?  Or is that just me?  With these Crunchy Burgers, you get both in the same bite.  Never put your burger down again to grab some chips.  You’re welcome. Simple.  All you need to do is make

Meatloaf Cups topped with Mashed Potatoes

Meatloaf Cups topped with Mashed Potatoes This is genius!  Meatloaf on bottom + mashed potatoes on top = whole meal in a cup.  My daughter came across a picture of meatloaf topped with mashed potatoes in a cup and asked if I thought I could make it.  Duh!  Pretty easy right? I made a modified version of My Meatloaf and baked them in a cupcake pan, liners optional.  Then cheated,

Veggie Dip made with Essential Oils by 3glol.net

Veggie Dip made with Essential Oils We had an Essential Oil party at my house this weekend to teach some of our friends and family what to do with their Essential Oils.  So, my daughter, Meg, and I made some snacks and drinks with Essential Oils. It was a HUGE hit.  So even if you’re not looking to possibly get healthier using essential oils, you could still use this recipe

Southern Salisbury Steak

Southern Salisbury Steak This is some good stuff folks!!  I love salisbury steaks (the kind you buy frozen). Have you ever had them?  God only knows what’s in those things.  And while I can’t replicate the texture as good, I have come across some recipes and altered them some to end up with this masterpiece.  Ok, maybe it’s not a masterpiece.  But, it’s pretty flippin good!   I have combined


MY MEATLOAF I have tummy issues that keep me from eating many things, tomatoes being one. I know, sad right.  So, I had to come up with a meatloaf that I could eat and like.  This is not your traditional meatloaf with ketchup.  This is MY MEATLOAF. It’s easy to just eliminate the ketchup on top, but it leaves the meatloaf kinda dry, don’t you think. I decided to use