White Chocolate Chips

EXTRA Chocolate Chip Cookies

EXTRA Chocolate Chip Cookies These are called EXTRA Chocolate Chip Cookies because instead of 2 cups of chocolate chips, I added 3 cups of chocolate chips.  The original recipe by AllRecipes.com called for 2.  I just slightly adapted this one. My daughter, Sarah, requested HUGE chocolate chip cookies for her birthday.  We’re having a party, but she wanted some kind of treat on her birthday as well.  So, she found

Valentine Trash Bars

Valentine Trash Bars I made some Halloween Trash Bars around Halloween, of course, and my daughter has been bugging me to make them again.  I decided to make them again, but this time make them Valentine’s Day Trash Bars. In my mind, and that’s a skeery place right now, I thought this is a great name for all of us who don’t have a Valentine (Sweetheart) to share Valentine’s Day

Christmas Popcorn Cake by 3glol.net

Christmas Popcorn Cake Not only is this a festive Christmas Cake, but I used a bundt pan to make it look like a wreath. Bonus!  I was inspired to make this when I was at my Son’s house last weekend.  He had a store bought mini popcorn cake and it was sooooo cute.  I told him that I needed to make one of those.  And I did!  This is very

Christmas Muddy Buddies by 3GLOL.net

Christmas Muddy Buddies These Christmas muddy buddies are pretty much your typical Muddy Buddies aka Puppy Chow, without peanut butter. Because, these are made just for Christmas.  Got your red and green colors going on here.  So, these would be great to set out during the holidays or during a party.  I’m using these as gifts.  Plan on giving some to my neighbors.  You could use mason jars and fancy

Easy White Chocolate Fudge by 3GLOL.net

Easy White Chocolate Fudge   It’s getting close to that time of year.  Making fudge, eating fudge, gifting fudge.  Fudge is a great foodie gift for the holidays. Easy to make for family and friend gatherings or as gifts.   Go buy some tins at the dollar store and fill them up with some fudge to hand out to family, friends, teachers, neighbors, beauticians, massage therapists, co-workers, bosses (if you like

Ultimate Peanut Butter Cookies #peanutbuttercookies #cookies #whitechocolatechips

Ultimate Peanut Butter Cookies Talk about the ultimate…this peanut butter cookie has tons, and I mean tons of white chocolate chips and macadamia nuts (my fav). Macadamia nuts.  Love.love.love macadamia nuts. Why do they have to be so expensive? It ended up very sweet.  And mixing the dough with the chips and nuts is a workout. So, you don’t have to feel so guilty when you eat the cookies. As

Chocolate Covered Brownies #brownies #chocolate #dessert

Chocolate Covered Brownies Can you say twice the chocolate?  SWEET!!  No seriously, they’re sweet as all get out! Don’t cut big pieces if you can help it. And, of course, I cheated….AGAIN.  I used box brownies. Melted some white chocolate chips and added some food coloring and then threw some sprinkles on them. Talk about easy.  And look at them…are they cute?  These are another versatile dessert.  You can make

Blue Muddy Buddies #muddybuddies #puppychowmix #snack

Blue Muddy Buddies Another fun recipe!  Great for just changing it up some, or for a color themed party, baby shower or holiday.  I just took the original chex mix muddy buddy recipe to a blue new level. I used some of my blue cake mix brownies in the recipe to change it up a little. And because they were blue. 🙂 Threw in a little color with the decor.