Bananas Foster Upside Down Bundt Cake by 3glol.net

Bananas Foster Upside Down Bundt Cake I’ve been dying to make something with Bananas Foster.  This is what I came up with. A Bananas Foster Upside Down Bundt Cake.  Instead of making a cake and THEN pouring the Bananas Foster on top of it, I cooked it all together.  I did cheat, like usual, and I used a store bought cake mix that I added my secret ingredient in.  I

SLOW COOKER Beans and Turkey Sausage

SLOW COOKER Beans and Turkey Sausage The combo of Great Northern Beans and turkey sausage turned out to be an awesome combo.  They just seemed to go together perfectly.  Everyone thinks that the slow cooker aka crock pot is best used in the fall and winter months, which is somewhat correct.  But if you use your crock pot in the spring and summer months you are actually doing yourself a

Brownie Cookies by 3glol.net

Brownie Cookies  This is a simple and quick way to change up how you use your Brownie Mix. With a couple changes to the ingredients, you can turn your brownies into cookies. Thus, Brownie Cookies. Only took me about 5 minutes to prepare, then bake the cookies however you want. Big, small or in between. I ended up with 36 – 3 batches of 12. To me, cookies go further

Skillet Smores Brownies by 3glol.net

Skillet Smores Brownies I’ve seen S’mores Brownies made, but so far, not in a skillet.  That doesn’t mean they’re not out there. I just haven’t seen them.  S’mores Brownies are made like S’mores are.  Graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallows.  Only with these I basically swapped the chocolate for chocolate brownies. I made a graham cracker crust.  Then I used a brownie box mix next. Poured it over the graham cracker

Fun Filled Velvet Cake by 3glol.net

Fun Filled Velvet Cake What an awesome cake to use for a Birthday, right? This was a huge hit.  Met up with my sisters for the day and took this as our “treat”.  After dinner, we hit this baby up.  And it was good.  Now, I would change one thing.  The M&Ms were not as crunchy after being inside the cake like that.  So, next time, I’ll use a different

Spring Velvet Cupcakes by 3glol.net

Spring Velvet Cupcakes I bought a box of Spring Velvet Cake Mix and decided to make this. Then I decided to make them for a combo birthday party for my sister, my daughter and I.  The theme was a garden theme, and what better than Spring Velvet Cupcakes.  They were a big hit, in fact there were some peeps asking if there were any left.  I guess I should have

Triple Chocolate Brownie Bites

Triple Chocolate Brownie Bites These Triple Chocolate Brownie Bites were made with Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate Brownie Mix.  Just alter the ingredients up a little bit and you can make brownie bites instead.  They come in handy for larger crowds or easier to transport.  Just throw them in a baggie. You could spruce them up some with some decor of your choice.  I chose spring colors for my decor.  But you

Easter Peep Cake My Way by 3glol.net

Easter Peep Cake My Way Have you seen all the different ways on the web and mainly Pinterest you can make a “Peep” cake using the classic Marshmallow Treat, Peeps?  Love.them.  Here is my version of a Easter Peep Cake. You have many different ways you can use these little guys in with your Easter Treats. I’m going to show you my way. It’s so…..Easter, right? With my way, it’s

Texas Beer Bread by 3glol.net

Texas Beer Bread I don’t like to drink beer. But I sure love it in my foods. Is that weird?  Another weird fact about me…..I loved the smell of beer on my hubs breath.  Crazy, right?  Well, I never said I was normal. This Texas Beer Bread was very easy to make.  Another recipe from the BEST of the BEST from TEXAS II cookbook.  The only thing I didn’t have

Crescent Caramel Rolls

Crescent Caramel Rolls The amazing things you can make with crescent rolls!  This is just one of many.  I love using crescent rolls and other refrigerated dough to make recipes. One of my granddaughters was over and not feeling well.  When I told her I was making something similar to cinnamon rolls she said that it would make her feel better.  She is only 3 so her patience level is

Pressure Cooker Roast Beef by 3glol.net

Pressure Cooker Roast Beef Have you ever cooked in a pressure cooker?  My Mom gave me a pressure cooker and while she was here visiting, we made a few things. This roast beef being one. If you haven’t ever cooked in one, the deal is, that you cook your foods in 70% of the normal cook time.  Speeds things up if you are looking for that.  I’m always, ok, not

Valentines Day Coconut Cupcakes by 3glol.ne

Valentine’s Day Coconut Cupcakes My Mom loves coconut cakes and cupcakes. Since she’s here visiting, I made her fav, but in Valentine’s Day form.  Aren’t these cute?  They’re tasty too.  Did I mention they were easy as well?  Welp…they are some of the easiest I’ve made so far. Keeping pretty true to myself, I used a cake mix, instead of by scratch and already made frosting.  All I did to

Best Beans Yet

Best Beans Yet This is my best pinto bean batch yet, hence the name.  It’s been awhile since I had a good ole pot of beans.  I had saved a ham bone from a previous meal and froze it.  Just for this.  I threw that puppy in with the beans and you won’t believe the flavor that comes out of it.  Wowsers. You know what I think of when I

Caramel Apple Cupcakes by 3GLOL.net

Caramel Apple Cupcakes   You will NOT believe how these turned out.  It was one of my crazy creations and sometimes they turn out Ah-mazing!  I even had one friend tell me that it tasted like it came from a bakery.  That’s right.  Go me! How did this come about you ask?  Well, I was standing on the cake aisle in the grocery store just looking hoping something would come

Christmas Cake Brownies by 3GLOL.net

 Christmas Cake Brownies Aren’t these festive looking?  I used Christmas colors, but you could change up the colors for any holiday/event.  Oh, and I dyed the powdered sugar on top there. Cool, right? I used my recipe from the Blue Cake Mix Brownies to make the cake brownies. But this time, I added frosting and topped it with colored powdered sugar. Cake Brownies are a mix between cake and brownie.

Simple Pot Roast by 3GLOL.net

Simple Pot Roast You’ve heard the saying, “Sometimes, simple is better”.  We’re pretty simple people here. Here’s ya a simple pot roast.  Takes ya about 10 minutes to prepare and the rest is just the cooking.  Start it and go.  I took a nap while it was cooking…that’s how easy it is.  Roast is one of our main go-to meals in the Fall/Winter. I look forward to colder weather so

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup by 3GLOL.net

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup What is Fall without some Chicken Noodle Soup?  Boring.  That’s what.  Do you know all the benefits of homemade chicken noodle soup?  Let me enlighten you some. Store bought cans of chicken noodle soup are high in sodium. Homemade soup can be made with lower sodium ingredients.  Watching your calorie intake?  Most chicken noodle soups are low in calories.  AND the soup is full of vitamins