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Pull Apart Cheesy Bread by 3glol.net

Pull Apart Cheesy Bread Cheesy bread goes with so many meals, or is great by itself as well.  I made this to go with my Turkey Alfredo with Angel Hair Pasta.  And instead of slicing the bread into individual slices.  I just sliced it down far enough to be able to pull it apart and get some butter and cheese down in between each slice. I didn’t use garlic powder

Turkey Alfredo with Angel Hair Pasta

 Turkey Alfredo with Angel Hair Pasta I was originally suppose to make this Turkey Alfredo with Angel Hair Pasta when my daughter and her 5 kids were visiting.  But change of plans, it didn’t happen.  So, while here all by my little lonesome, I had to make it with no one to feed.  Thought it was going to go to waste.  But, alas, my daughter in law stopped by with

Ranch Chicken Burgers by 3glol.net

Ranch Chicken Burgers I love burgers, but I don’t like to eat nothing but beef all the time.  Always good to change it up a bit and try something new and different.  This is definitely that.  This burger is made with ground chicken.  Eat it alone or on a bun like a real burger.  For those low carbers out there, this would be a great source of meat to have

Creamy Chicken and Ziti by 3glol.net

Creamy Chicken and Ziti Made from scratch…yup…I did make this from scratch.  What?  I do that every now and then.  Sometimes you just havta. I made a creamy white sauce and combined it with chicken and Ziti. What is Ziti you ask.  Well, it’s pasta. That’s all.  I used to think that it was a name of a dish or something.  Then when I grew up, well kinda,  I went

Crispy Parmesan Crusted Turkey Strips

Crispy Parmesan Crusted Turkey Strips Crispy Parmesan Crusted Turkey Strips is a mouthful, huh?  In more ways than one. 🙂  I decided to use turkey instead of chicken to see how it turned out.  Using Turkey Breast Cutlets was a great idea if I say so myself. I love.love.love the crust.  It turned out tasty and crispy, hence the name.  I was eating the crumbs of the crust that would

Cheesy Meatballs and Noodles

Cheesy Meatballs and Noodles A few days ago, two of my daughters and I were trying to come up with something different for dinner.  It went from we liked the idea of something with meatballs to we also want something cheesy.  And the Cheesy Meatballs & Noodles were born. Now, while making it, I figured out “what I’ll do different next time”.  The cheese was too stringy for me.  So,

Tuna Patties in less than 15 minutes

Tuna Patties My hubs use to make Salmon patties and we all loved them.  I, personally don’t like removing the bones in the canned salmon, do you?  But I wanted some.  So, I used tuna instead.  They were great!  In fact, we were fighting over the last one.  Turns out that 2 isn’t enough for us. 🙂  In addition to using tuna instead, I also used pank. But you could

Skillet Glazed Pork Chops by 3GLOL.net

Skillet Glazed Pork Chops Do you like a sweet taste with your pork chop?  If so, you’ll like these for sure. Almost reminds me of sweet and sour pork, without the sour. Here’s an idea of what you get when you take a bite if you’ve never had a glaze on a pork chop.  Keep in mind, this is my daughter taking her first bites of it.  Sarah taking her

Best Beans Yet

Best Beans Yet This is my best pinto bean batch yet, hence the name.  It’s been awhile since I had a good ole pot of beans.  I had saved a ham bone from a previous meal and froze it.  Just for this.  I threw that puppy in with the beans and you won’t believe the flavor that comes out of it.  Wowsers. You know what I think of when I

Homemade Beef and Cheese Taquitos by 3GLOL.net

Homemade Beef and Cheese Taquitos AKA Flauta. Sarah and I are huge taquito eaters.  The ones that you buy in the frozen food section.  So, we decided to make our own taquitos and although I need a little more practice rolling them smaller, they tasted great.  Better than the frozen kind, of course. We made some cheese dip to go with these, but you could skip that if you like. 

Simple Pot Roast by 3GLOL.net

Simple Pot Roast You’ve heard the saying, “Sometimes, simple is better”.  We’re pretty simple people here. Here’s ya a simple pot roast.  Takes ya about 10 minutes to prepare and the rest is just the cooking.  Start it and go.  I took a nap while it was cooking…that’s how easy it is.  Roast is one of our main go-to meals in the Fall/Winter. I look forward to colder weather so

Crockpot Potato Soup by 3GLOL.net

Crockpot Potato Soup Here’s another yummy recipe for the colder months coming up!  Use your crockpot to do your cooking.  This recipe is kind of out of my norm.  You will be making a roux for the soup and that does take some time and patience.  But so worth it in the end.  This Crockpot Potato Soup is good alone, but even better with the toppings.  Add some shredded cheese,

Chicken Alfredo Crescent Bake by 3GLOL.net

Chicken Alfredo Crescent Bake Here’s another fairly fast, easy and yummy meal for ya! The name of the recipe pretty much says it all, except…it has broccoli and parmesan. But……you could easily change that out with another vegetable that you or the kids like.  If your kids like broccoli, then kuddos to them, and you. When my kids were young, only one of them ate pretty much every vegetable and

Chicken Fried Steak

Chicken Fried Steak This is a classic southern meal.  You can see that I have mashed taters and gravy on that plate too.  I will put up the recipe for those in the next day or two. When I do, I’ll come back and link them up here. Mashed taters and gravy just go with chicken fried steak. Chicken Fried Steak Gravy Chicken fried steak is so much easier to

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Ground Chicken HOMEMADE Egg Rolls I love egg rolls, problem is, hubs doesn’t.  I don’t get to eat at Chinese Food Restaurants unless my Mom is in town. 🙁  So, when I ran across Adrian’s Homemade Egg Rolls at Life with Garnish, I got pretty excited.  I know, it’s sad when I get excited over food, but that’s how I roll nowadays.  I didn’t want to make a huge batch

Pork Turkey Meatballs

PORK TURKEY MEATBALLS Meatballs can make up or compliment so many meals.  Spaghetti, Goulash, Pasta, alone or many other dishes. These can make a great appetizer or finger food at get togethers. I will use these in spaghetti (sometimes), but really love to heat up some brown gravy and have meatballs and brown gravy over rice. Just thinking of it makes me want to go heat these up.  They also

Homemade Spaghetti Sauce

Homemade Spaghetti Sauce   Simple, yet scrumdillicious. That’s my made-up word for this sauce.  I had to come up with a basic sauce when I was cooking for my kids.  This one didn’t like onions, that one didn’t like olives or bell peppers, I’m not fond of mushrooms. Best thing to do is make a basic sauce and let anyone add something if they wanted to. Why use Prego or