Crockpot Tater Tot Casserole

Crockpot Tater Tot Casserole I took my Cheesy Sausage and Tater Tot Casserole and instead of cooking this in the oven, I cooked it in the crockpot.  This way, no heating up my kitchen.  And with the hotter days here I don’t want to heat my house up more than it already is. The day I chose to make this I knew I would be so busy and by the

Peach Cobbler Cake by

Peach Cobbler Cake This turned out just as amazing as my Apple Cobbler Cake.  I made a few adjustments and it was GREAT!!  The cake was oh so moist and then the crumbles on top have a little bit of crunch.  All on top of peach pie filling.  My mouth is watering just describing this to you. I made it for some friends and it’s a darn good thing.  If

HOMEMADE Basic Cake Mix by

HOMEMADE Basic Cake Mix Here’s a simple homemade cake mix for ya.  I halved the recipe for mine.  We were going for a thinner two layer cake for this particular occasion.  I spunked it up though and added purple food coloring for my granddaughter’s birthday party.  She was doing a very colorful party theme. The frosting I made for this was a Creamy Whipped Nutella Frosting.  Man that was some

Loaded HOMEMADE Mashed Potatoes by

Loaded HOMEMADE Mashed Potatoes Why eat regular mashed potatoes when you can have Loaded HOMEMADE Mashed Potatoes?  Ok, maybe when you have a big meal.  Other than that…these are the bomb.  And they are easier to eat than a Loaded Baked Potato. My tummy gives me trouble here and there.  When it does, I try to eat softer food.  But I didn’t want plain ole mashed potatoes. So, I made

Crunchy Beef and Rice Casserole by

Crunchy Beef and Rice Casserole I bet you’re wondering what’s crunchy in this, right?  If you can’t tell by the picture, it’s potato chips.  Yup, you read that right.  Have you ever had Tuna Casserole?  It has potato chips and that’s one of the best parts to me.  So, I put them in this casserole.  Worked out great if I say so myself. Fairly easy recipe to make on a

Spring Velvet Cupcakes by

Spring Velvet Cupcakes I bought a box of Spring Velvet Cake Mix and decided to make this. Then I decided to make them for a combo birthday party for my sister, my daughter and I.  The theme was a garden theme, and what better than Spring Velvet Cupcakes.  They were a big hit, in fact there were some peeps asking if there were any left.  I guess I should have

Queso Blanco Rice by

Queso Blanco Rice You’ve had or heard of Queso Blanco cheese right?  If not, it’s a white cheddar type cheese.  Velveeta brand has some now.  Even some restaurants use it for their Queso Dip.  I like it. So much, that I put it in my Queso Blanco Rice here. It doesn’t take a scientist at this point to guess what I mixed with this rice, does it?  Yup…Queso Blanco cheese. 

Basic Dinner Rolls using a bread maker

Basic Dinner Rolls using a Breadmaker I got a bread maker a little while back and have been playing with it.  One of the “dough” recipes that were included were these dinner rolls.  I know you need a bread maker for it, but thought if you already had a bread maker but didn’t have a basic recipe for dinner rolls, I would be helping you out. I plan on making

Chicken Pot Pie Pocket by

Chicken Pot Pie Pocket I made these Chicken Pot Pie Pockets with pizza dough instead of crescent rolls or a flaky pastry.  I wanted to see what they tasted like with the pizza dough crust vs. with a flaky crust.  I can’t say that I was let down.  My daughter loved them. If I’m being honest here, I think I would prefer the flaky crust though.  That being said, I

Taco Pizza by

Taco Pizza Like tacos?  Like pizza?  Well here you go!  You don’t ever have to decide again which to have. 🙂  You’re welcome! My youngest daughter is a taco freak.  If you ask her what she wants to eat, 90% of the time, it’s Tacos.  The other 10% would be pizza.  When I made personal pizzas the other day, she asked if I’d make a taco pizza and how awesome

Bacon Ham and Cheese Brunch Bread by

Bacon Ham and Cheese Brunch Bread This Bacon Ham and Cheese Brunch Bread turned out pretty good.  I got this recipe from my “BEST of the BEST of TEXAS II” cookbook.  Sounded yummy so I had to try it.  I think I would add a touch of sugar though to make it just a tad sweet.  Not sure why, but when I bit into it for the first time, that

Chicken Broccoli and Rice Casserole by

Chicken Broccoli and Rice Casserole Chicken Broccoli and Rice Casserole is one of my dishes that my oldest daughter would always request when I would go to her house to help her after having one of her babies.  I would always help with laundry, dishes, cooking and any other chores that I could to keep her from having to do anything but sleep and take care of her baby. Talk

Texas Pie Y'all

Texas Pie Y’all I came across this recipe in a cookbook called “BEST of the BEST from TEXAS II”.  I want to start sharing Texas recipes with the world, and how better than to start with a Pie.  Right? When I read the ingredients in this pie (sugar, flour, eggs, milk and real butter), I knew it was going to turn out sweet, but wasn’t absolutely sure the texture of

Easy Mexican Rice by

Easy Mexican Rice This has got to be the easiest Mexican Rice you can make, and it’s not as spicy as the typical Mexican Rice. It’s very cheesy…just the way I like it! I have tummy issues and can’t eat spicy foods.  I used Velveeta Mexican cheese, it’s not as spicy, so I can eat this and it still tastes like regular Mexican Rice. The easy part is you use

The New Green Bean Casserole by

The NEW Green Bean Casserole Do you like Green Bean Casserole?  Do you only eat it for Thanksgiving?  Why?  You can have this NEW Green Bean Casserole anytime, with any meal. My daughter and I came up with a new way to make this.  Instead of using Cream of Mushroom soup, we used Alfredo Sauce.  You heard me right.  Alfredo Sauce. The idea came up when we were thinking of