Instant Vanilla Pudding

Cake Mix Coffee Cake #coffeecake #cake #dessert

CAKE MIX COFFEE CAKE – DOUBLE LAYER This is like one big fluffy snickerdoodle in cake form.  Never really thought that till now.  Coffee cake brings back so many memories for me.  My mom use to make coffee cake when I was young, probably what started my love for cinnamon.  Then my sisters started making it and I joined in when I was a teenager.  I had totally forgot about

Banana Pudding Pie

Banana Pudding Pie     I came across this awesome recipe the other day for Peanut Butter Pie Crust.  It was literally haunting me throughout the day. I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  When I told my daughter about it, we started brainstorming on what we could put in it.  *Lightbulb flash*.  Banana Pudding. Bananas and Peanut Butter…duh!  This pie absolutely rocks!!  Wait until you try it!!   To make