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Crunchy Burgers Are you one of those peeps that takes a bite of your burger and then before you’re done chewing, you have to put a chip in your mouth and combine the two?  Or is that just me?  With these Crunchy Burgers, you get both in the same bite.  Never put your burger down again to grab some chips.  You’re welcome. Simple.  All you need to do is make

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Meatball Sliders I saw a picture of meatball sliders on the web somewhere and had to try them. So, I did.  I wasn’t disappointed either.  Other than the fact that my meatballs had to be big enough to fit the slider, these were awesome. And, you can customize them just like your hamburgers.  Use whatever dressing, vegetables and cheese that you want to get perfect taste you like so well.

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Crunchy Beef and Rice Casserole I bet you’re wondering what’s crunchy in this, right?  If you can’t tell by the picture, it’s potato chips.  Yup, you read that right.  Have you ever had Tuna Casserole?  It has potato chips and that’s one of the best parts to me.  So, I put them in this casserole.  Worked out great if I say so myself. Fairly easy recipe to make on a

Meatloaf Cups topped with Mashed Potatoes

Meatloaf Cups topped with Mashed Potatoes This is genius!  Meatloaf on bottom + mashed potatoes on top = whole meal in a cup.  My daughter came across a picture of meatloaf topped with mashed potatoes in a cup and asked if I thought I could make it.  Duh!  Pretty easy right? I made a modified version of My Meatloaf and baked them in a cupcake pan, liners optional.  Then cheated,

Cheeseburger Tostadas

Cheeseburger Tostadas Here’s a cool “baked” version of a tostada – Cheeseburger Tostada. This just came to me yesterday.  I pitched the idea to my daughter, Sarah and she said it sounded cool.  So, the Cheeseburger Tostada was born in my house.  Did you know that this one tortilla has 19g of carbs, whereas a bun runs an average of 26g?  Thought you might want to know that. These are

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Cheeseburger Toast Know what’s great about these?  They can be appetizers, snacks or a meal.  I had this come to me one day.  Yes, I have some weird cravings and no, I’m not pregnant. Too old for that. I ran to the grocery store one day to get a couple of other things and it hit me as I was walking past the bakery and saw the french bread.  It

Homemade Beef and Cheese Taquitos by

Homemade Beef and Cheese Taquitos AKA Flauta. Sarah and I are huge taquito eaters.  The ones that you buy in the frozen food section.  So, we decided to make our own taquitos and although I need a little more practice rolling them smaller, they tasted great.  Better than the frozen kind, of course. We made some cheese dip to go with these, but you could skip that if you like. 

Bacon Fried Onion Cheeseburger by

Bacon Fried Onion Cheeseburgers OMGosh, these little babies rocked!  I started with my previous French Fried Onion Burgers and took them to the next level.  I came up with them cuz I had been on a french fried onion kick. By adding the bacon and cheese to the hamburger meat, it made a great burger into a fantastic burger.  When I made those French Fried Onion Burgers, both my hubs

French Fried Onion Burgers by

French Fried Onion Burger Talk about good.  These turned out better than I expected. First off, I love french fried onions. You know the ones you use in green bean casseroles?  That’s them.  And easy….just seasoning, french fried onions and the ground beef. Cook the burgers any way you want to.  I fried my on the griddle. But you could grill these puppies or bake/broil them.  Eat them alone or

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Cowboy Casserole I have another tater tot casserole for you here. If you missed the last one I recently did, Cheesy Sausage and Tater Tot Casserole, go check it out.  This one is called Cowboy Casserole.  It’s made with ground beef, cream of potato soup, corn, velveeta shreds and crispy crowns. Some people think that Cowboy Casserole looks like dog food. Look.  It kinda does on the fork. But trust

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Bacon, Onion & Cheese Stuffed Burgers You can pretty much stuff anything inside two patties and call it a stuffed burger. For this recipe, I used american cheese, crumbled up bacon and some onions.  As I was making this, I realized I used a LOT of burger.  I made my patties about the same size I normally do for burgers, then stuffed it. What I got was a massived double

Southern Salisbury Steak

Southern Salisbury Steak This is some good stuff folks!!  I love salisbury steaks (the kind you buy frozen). Have you ever had them?  God only knows what’s in those things.  And while I can’t replicate the texture as good, I have come across some recipes and altered them some to end up with this masterpiece.  Ok, maybe it’s not a masterpiece.  But, it’s pretty flippin good!   I have combined

Homemade Spaghetti Sauce

Homemade Spaghetti Sauce   Simple, yet scrumdillicious. That’s my made-up word for this sauce.  I had to come up with a basic sauce when I was cooking for my kids.  This one didn’t like onions, that one didn’t like olives or bell peppers, I’m not fond of mushrooms. Best thing to do is make a basic sauce and let anyone add something if they wanted to. Why use Prego or