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Ham and Potato Scramble

Ham and Potato Scramble Ham, potatoes, cheese and eggs.  Great combination in my book.  Great thing about breakfast foods is you can eat it no matter what time of day it is.  This happened to be a late breakfast for me. I actually ate it for lunch.  I had a granola bar in the morning that held me over, but I was still craving some breakfast foods. Not sure if

Fried Bologna and Egg Sandwich by

Fried Bologna and Egg Sandwich on This is not as weird as you may think.  Have you ever had a fried bologna sandwich?  If so, then this is just a better version of it. If not, why not?  🙂 I always thought that Fried Bologna was a southern thang.  Turns out I’m wrong.  When I married my hubs (from Ohio), he was a bigger fried bologna eater than me.  Turns

Tuna Melt Sliders |

Tuna Melt Sliders Don’t you just want to reach in your monitor and grab that.  I definitely shouldn’t be doing this while I’m pretty much starving.  I’m tempted to lick the tuna oozing off that roll.  Whew! This is another easy peasy slider to make that would be perfect for an appetizer at any type party, football day or as a meal.  Your choice. Just grab and munch. That simple!