Brown Sugar

Andrews Dipping Sauce

Andrews Dipping Sauce. Sweet and spicy dipping sauce for your chicken strips, fries, or to use as a marinade for your chicken wings.

Bananas Foster Upside Down Bundt Cake by

Bananas Foster Upside Down Bundt Cake I’ve been dying to make something with Bananas Foster.  This is what I came up with. A Bananas Foster Upside Down Bundt Cake.  Instead of making a cake and THEN pouring the Bananas Foster on top of it, I cooked it all together.  I did cheat, like usual, and I used a store bought cake mix that I added my secret ingredient in.  I

Peach Cobbler Cake by

Peach Cobbler Cake This turned out just as amazing as my Apple Cobbler Cake.  I made a few adjustments and it was GREAT!!  The cake was oh so moist and then the crumbles on top have a little bit of crunch.  All on top of peach pie filling.  My mouth is watering just describing this to you. I made it for some friends and it’s a darn good thing.  If

EXTRA Chocolate Chip Cookies

EXTRA Chocolate Chip Cookies These are called EXTRA Chocolate Chip Cookies because instead of 2 cups of chocolate chips, I added 3 cups of chocolate chips.  The original recipe by called for 2.  I just slightly adapted this one. My daughter, Sarah, requested HUGE chocolate chip cookies for her birthday.  We’re having a party, but she wanted some kind of treat on her birthday as well.  So, she found

Skillet Glazed Pork Chops by

Skillet Glazed Pork Chops Do you like a sweet taste with your pork chop?  If so, you’ll like these for sure. Almost reminds me of sweet and sour pork, without the sour. Here’s an idea of what you get when you take a bite if you’ve never had a glaze on a pork chop.  Keep in mind, this is my daughter taking her first bites of it.  Sarah taking her

Crunchy Peanut Butter Granola Bars

CRUNCHY PEANUT BUTTER GRANOLA BARS This is my first attempt at making granola bars.  Did pretty good, if I say so myself.  Considering I typically eat a granola bar every day, I thought maybe I should make a homemade version where I KNOW what goes in it.  This is sweet AND salty. It consists of mainly peanut butter, of course, chopped peanuts, Rice Krispies Cereal and oats.  I threw in

Glazed Sliced Ham by

Glazed Sliced Ham   You can have Ham any time of the year, but it’s especially good for Easter, Thanksgiving and most definitely Christmas.  This recipe is such an easy recipe to make. Not a lot of fuss, which comes in handy if you’re making it with lots of other food. I took a simple pre-cooked sliced ham and added a to die for glaze and topped it with the

Pull Apart Cinnamon Rolls by

Pull Apart Cinnamon Rolls Basically the same thing as monkey bread, except made with cinnamon filling and cinnamon roll icing.  And it’s in my belly. Jealous?  Well, make some and join me on the dark side. All you need is some Pillsbury Grands Biscuits, the cinnamon filling and icing.  The filling and icing are very easy to make. Doesn’t take long either.  Great for weekend breakfasts. Especially if you have

Cookie Bowl with Chocolate Caramel Applesauce by

Cookie Bowl with Chocolate Caramel Applesauce Edible bowl.  Once you’re done with what’s inside…have no fear, just eat the bowl. This is two recipes in one.  Because you don’t have to make both together. You can be creative and put whatever you want in the cookie bowl.  I just opted for applesauce. If you choose something like I did, keep in mind that you should plan on serving soon.  The

Cake Mix Coffee Cake #coffeecake #cake #dessert

CAKE MIX COFFEE CAKE – DOUBLE LAYER This is like one big fluffy snickerdoodle in cake form.  Never really thought that till now.  Coffee cake brings back so many memories for me.  My mom use to make coffee cake when I was young, probably what started my love for cinnamon.  Then my sisters started making it and I joined in when I was a teenager.  I had totally forgot about

#friedapple #eggrolls #dessert #appetizer

FRIED APPLE EGG ROLLS Yup, you’re reading that right!  Fried Apple Egg Rolls!  Ever since Adrian over at Life with Garnish did a recipe on Egg Rolls and I realized I could make egg rolls, I’ve been on a tear.  I have made Ground Chicken Egg Rolls, Ranch Chicken Egg Rolls & Bacon Cheeseburger Egg Rolls.  I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m just so darn tootin happy