Boil-in-Bag Rice

Fajita Casserole

Fajita Casserole. AKA your Mexican dinner all in one dish. Served with chips or as a burrito with a tortilla.

Rice and Broccoli Stuffed Chicken by

Rice and Broccoli Stuffed Chicken I have a confession.  I’ve never made stuffed chicken anything before. First step, admitting it.  Now that’s out of the way. How about this?  Genius, right?  I decided to take the classic Chicken, Broccoli and Rice casserole and turned it into Rice and Broccoli Stuffed Chicken.  And, bonus, it was actually easy.  What? It looks like I slaved over this meal. I didn’t. All I

Crunchy Beef and Rice Casserole by

Crunchy Beef and Rice Casserole I bet you’re wondering what’s crunchy in this, right?  If you can’t tell by the picture, it’s potato chips.  Yup, you read that right.  Have you ever had Tuna Casserole?  It has potato chips and that’s one of the best parts to me.  So, I put them in this casserole.  Worked out great if I say so myself. Fairly easy recipe to make on a

Queso Blanco Rice by

Queso Blanco Rice You’ve had or heard of Queso Blanco cheese right?  If not, it’s a white cheddar type cheese.  Velveeta brand has some now.  Even some restaurants use it for their Queso Dip.  I like it. So much, that I put it in my Queso Blanco Rice here. It doesn’t take a scientist at this point to guess what I mixed with this rice, does it?  Yup…Queso Blanco cheese. 

Chicken Broccoli and Rice Casserole by

Chicken Broccoli and Rice Casserole Chicken Broccoli and Rice Casserole is one of my dishes that my oldest daughter would always request when I would go to her house to help her after having one of her babies.  I would always help with laundry, dishes, cooking and any other chores that I could to keep her from having to do anything but sleep and take care of her baby. Talk

Easy Mexican Rice by

Easy Mexican Rice This has got to be the easiest Mexican Rice you can make, and it’s not as spicy as the typical Mexican Rice. It’s very cheesy…just the way I like it! I have tummy issues and can’t eat spicy foods.  I used Velveeta Mexican cheese, it’s not as spicy, so I can eat this and it still tastes like regular Mexican Rice. The easy part is you use

Cheesy Sausage and Rice Skillet Bake by

Cheesy Sausage and Rice Skillet Bake I’m back with recipes after a hiatus for about 3 weeks and look what I have for you.  One of my throw together concoctions. 🙂  I’m known for throwing things together and calling it a meal.  It’s the best way to roll sometimes. This time I sliced up some turkey sausage links, mixed them with cheddar cheese soup, rice and corn in my skillet.