Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day Coconut Cupcakes by

Valentine’s Day Coconut Cupcakes My Mom loves coconut cakes and cupcakes. Since she’s here visiting, I made her fav, but in Valentine’s Day form.  Aren’t these cute?  They’re tasty too.  Did I mention they were easy as well?  Welp…they are some of the easiest I’ve made so far. Keeping pretty true to myself, I used a cake mix, instead of by scratch and already made frosting.  All I did to

Valentines Brownies by

Valentine’s Brownies Totally cheated, as usual, with this one.  All you need to do is spruce up a box Brownie mix with some candy and decor. Change it into Valentine’s Brownies just like that. Take your favorite brownie mix, add some M&M’s, sprinkle on some decor/sprinkles and if you want to take it a step further, squeeze some frosting on top as well. My Mom is in town visiting and

Valentine Trash Bars

Valentine Trash Bars I made some Halloween Trash Bars around Halloween, of course, and my daughter has been bugging me to make them again.  I decided to make them again, but this time make them Valentine’s Day Trash Bars. In my mind, and that’s a skeery place right now, I thought this is a great name for all of us who don’t have a Valentine (Sweetheart) to share Valentine’s Day

Cut Out SOFT Sugar Cookies

Cut Out Soft Sugar Cookies   Have you ever had those soft frosted cookies they sell in the bakeries of most grocery stores?  They’re cake like.  This is them 🙂 I personally like a little crunch to my cookie, but every now and then, I go for the soft.  They happen to be Sarah’s favorite. These taste just like them. A little heads up here.  When you decide to make