Patriotic Holidays

Sugar Cookie Cups

Sugar Cookie Cups – Patriotic?

Sugar Cookie Cups The reason I have questioned Patriotic, is when you look at the picture above, you can see the red, white and blue,right? And here was my plan…half of the cookies were going to have blue frosting with red sprinkles and the other half were going to have red frosting with blue sprinkles.  […]

Red, White n Blue Nutter Butters

Red, White n Blue Nutter Butters Who likes Nutter Butters?  Who likes white chocolate?  Well, you’re in luck. I took some Nutter Butters and dipped them in white chocolate and then to add some more sugar, sprinkled with sugar. In my opinion, peanut butter and chocolate go together like mac n cheese. Make it white […]

Red, White n Blue Nutter Butters

Potato Salad

G’s Infamous Loaded Potato Salad

My infamous potato salad recipe. Loaded with bacon, boiled eggs, celery & onions. Perfect as a side to burgers or hot dogs or at any BBQ cookout!!