Red, White n Blue Nutter Butters

Red, White n Blue Nutter Butters Who likes Nutter Butters?  Who likes white chocolate?  Well, you’re in luck. I took some Nutter Butters and dipped them in white chocolate and then to add some more sugar, sprinkled with sugar. In my opinion, peanut butter and chocolate go together like mac n cheese. Make it white chocolate and dang, we’re talking some good stuff. These would be great to take to

Lettered Giftbags

Lettered Giftbags: Forget the name tags! Make a statement and spell their name out right on the giftbag! Lettered giftbags are such a simple, and yet borderline genius, way to present your presents! HA! Present…presents!!! I did a small present for each letter of Kyleigh’s name, but you could put your special someone’s entire name on their present. Get funky fresh with a sharpie (my dad always did, right mom? and

Balloon Tokens

Birthday Balloon Tokens Here’s an easy birthday idea that puts a fun twist on a classic gift! It’s a gift that comes in various different forms and is called by several different names… Coupon books, vouchers, tickets, tokens, certificates, cards, etc… And who doesn’t love to be handed a little booklet that ensures some chore relief, extra recreational time, or a much needed massage?! What’s more is that you have the

Creative Birthday Obstacle Course

Are you like me and looking for fun and creative birthday ideas to let your loved ones know just how much you care? Something oh so special for someone oh so special? A fantastic way to show how fantastic they are in your eyes? This year I wanted to start my daughters day off right from the very beginning with fun! I had seen the balloon avalanche done and wanted to

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

This is the last post (round up) I’ll do for Easter ideas. The egg decorating!     Getting tired of the same ole decorated eggs that we use to make when we were kids? Quit doing the same ole thing and change it up!!  Now, there are so many creative ideas out there and the internet is here to share them. Here are some of my favorites!!      

Easter Day Food

  Make your Easter Day menu here! We’ve got you covered.  Let’s get to it!!         Easter Breakfast Options:   Slow Cooker Sausage, Hash Brown & Cheddar Breakfast Casserole.  This was originally shared for Christmas Morning, but works well for any Holiday!  Just start the night before, so you have one less meal to worry about that day. Thanks Brown Eyed Baker         Sausage

Easter Basket Fillers

Most of us are trying to cut sugar from our diets more and more lately, and if you grew up in my days, you know that the “norm” for Easter basket & plastic egg fillers is/was candy AKA Sugah!  Here are some alternatives I found that you can use instead of that sugar-induced-make-my-kid-go-crazy candy.  This includes food & other items! Oh! Did I mention that these aren’t just for the

8 Yummy Easter Treats

                    I went looking for some yummy Easter treats to make this year and while I was at it, I thought you might like some of my ideas.  I have included a picture and a link to the person behind the yumminess.  I hope you find something yummy to make too 🙂   WARNING: The following is full of sugah!!  

8 Easter Craft & DIYs - Inspirations

                      I have found some pretty cool crafts & DIY’s for you to make for Easter.  I have included a picture and a link to the person behind the craftiness.  I hope these inspire you as much as they did me.  Mason Jar Easter Treat Gifts – If you don’t know me very well yet, you will soon find out,

St. Patrick's Day Food

Looking for a reason to cook some yumminess?  I have to confess, sometimes the only reason I like holidays is so I actually have a reason to make the goodies.  Don’t think I need help yet tho. I have found some cool websites that have recipes for you to make if you’re like me or should you celebrate this holiday as if you’re IRISH!!! I actually am, well enough to

St. Patrick's Day Crafts

                Do you love St. Patrick’s Day? Are you a big holiday decorator? Do you love crafts?  Are you looking for crafts for your kiddos? I have found some cool websites that have crafts for you (and/or your kids) to make for St. Patrick’s Day.     St. Patrick’s Mason (Goodie) Jar – This super cute jar is filled with goodies and the