Easter Basket Cookie Cups by 3glol.net

Easter Basket Cookie Cups Aren’t these cute?  I saw the recipe in the magazine “Simply Sweet Fun Treats” . Pretty much followed it like a good girl.  However, after making them, with the help of 2 of my grandsons, I would change up one thing.  I wouldn’t use the cupcake liners.  They are not as easy to get off cookie cups as they are cupcakes. These were much easier to

10 Easter Yummies by 3glol.net

10 Easter Yummies   Here are 10 Easter Yummies link ups from our Teach Me Tuesday linky party for some Easter Yummies. Most of these are desserts, but there were a few others included for your Easter Dinner. How cute are those bunny tails to use as your dinner rolls?  And I even included a round up inside my round up that gives you even more Easter desserts to choose

Easter Peep Cake My Way by 3glol.net

Easter Peep Cake My Way Have you seen all the different ways on the web and mainly Pinterest you can make a “Peep” cake using the classic Marshmallow Treat, Peeps?  Love.them.  Here is my version of a Easter Peep Cake. You have many different ways you can use these little guys in with your Easter Treats. I’m going to show you my way. It’s so…..Easter, right? With my way, it’s

Glazed Sliced Ham by 3GLOL.net

Glazed Sliced Ham   You can have Ham any time of the year, but it’s especially good for Easter, Thanksgiving and most definitely Christmas.  This recipe is such an easy recipe to make. Not a lot of fuss, which comes in handy if you’re making it with lots of other food. I took a simple pre-cooked sliced ham and added a to die for glaze and topped it with the

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

This is the last post (round up) I’ll do for Easter ideas. The egg decorating!     Getting tired of the same ole decorated eggs that we use to make when we were kids? Quit doing the same ole thing and change it up!!  Now, there are so many creative ideas out there and the internet is here to share them. Here are some of my favorites!!      

8 Yummy Easter Treats

                    I went looking for some yummy Easter treats to make this year and while I was at it, I thought you might like some of my ideas.  I have included a picture and a link to the person behind the yumminess.  I hope you find something yummy to make too 🙂   WARNING: The following is full of sugah!!  

8 Easter Craft & DIYs - Inspirations

                      I have found some pretty cool crafts & DIY’s for you to make for Easter.  I have included a picture and a link to the person behind the craftiness.  I hope these inspire you as much as they did me.  Mason Jar Easter Treat Gifts – If you don’t know me very well yet, you will soon find out,