HOMEMADE Basic Cake Mix

HOMEMADE Basic Cake Mix Here’s a simple homemade cake mix for ya.  I halved the recipe for mine.  We were going for a thinner two layer cake for this particular occasion.  I spunked it up though and added purple food coloring for my granddaughter’s birthday party.  She was doing a very colorful party theme. The […]

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Creamy Whipped Nutella Frosting by

Creamy Whipped Nutella Frosting

Creamy Whipped Nutella Frosting Have any Nutella lovers out there?  Then they’ll love this.  My granddaughter absolutely loves Nutella and for her birthday, I made this frosting.  She was in town and we were making, baking and cooking all day long for her party.  This was the cake and frosting we made.  The frosting is […]

Fun Filled Velvet Cake

Fun Filled Velvet Cake What an awesome cake to use for a Birthday, right? This was a huge hit.  Met up with my sisters for the day and took this as our “treat”.  After dinner, we hit this baby up.  And it was good.  Now, I would change one thing.  The M&Ms were not as […]

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Blue Muddy Buddies #muddybuddies #puppychowmix #snack

Blue Muddy Buddies

Blue Muddy Buddies Another fun recipe!  Great for just changing it up some, or for a color themed party, baby shower or holiday.  I just took the original chex mix muddy buddy recipe to a blue new level. I used some of my blue cake mix brownies in the recipe to change it up a […]

Blue Cake Mix Brownies

Blue Cake Mix Brownies These are fun looking, right?  I used some of the new Pillsbury Funfetti colored cake mix.  These are great if you have a colored theme going on for a party, baby shower or holiday.  I just followed my Strawberry Cake Mix Brownie Recipe, but used the packages instead of the box. […]

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Lettered Giftbags

Lettered Giftbags: Forget the name tags! Make a statement and spell their name out right on the giftbag! Lettered giftbags are such a simple, and yet borderline genius, way to present your presents! HA! Present…presents!!! I did a small present for each letter of Kyleigh’s name, but you could put your special someone’s entire name on […]