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HOMEMADE Basic Cake Mix by

HOMEMADE Basic Cake Mix

HOMEMADE Basic Cake Mix Here’s a simple homemade cake mix for ya.  I halved the recipe for mine.  We were going for a thinner two layer cake for this particular occasion.  I spunked it up though and added purple food coloring for my granddaughter’s birthday party.  She was doing a very colorful party theme. The […]

Creamy Whipped Nutella Frosting

Creamy Whipped Nutella Frosting Have any Nutella lovers out there?  Then they’ll love this.  My granddaughter absolutely loves Nutella and for her birthday, I made this frosting.  She was in town and we were making, baking and cooking all day long for her party.  This was the cake and frosting we made.  The frosting is […]

Creamy Whipped Nutella Frosting by

Fun Filled Velvet Cake by

Fun Filled Velvet Cake

Fun Filled Velvet Cake What an awesome cake to use for a Birthday, right? This was a huge hit.  Met up with my sisters for the day and took this as our “treat”.  After dinner, we hit this baby up.  And it was good.  Now, I would change one thing.  The M&Ms were not as […]

Easter Basket Cookie Cups

Easter Basket Cookie Cups Aren’t these cute?  I saw the recipe in the magazine “Simply Sweet Fun Treats” . Pretty much followed it like a good girl.  However, after making them, with the help of 2 of my grandsons, I would change up one thing.  I wouldn’t use the cupcake liners.  They are not as […]

Easter Basket Cookie Cups by

10 Easter Yummies by

10 Easter Yummies 3

10 Easter Yummies   Here are 10 Easter Yummies link ups from our Teach Me Tuesday linky party for some Easter Yummies. Most of these are desserts, but there were a few others included for your Easter Dinner. How cute are those bunny tails to use as your dinner rolls?  And I even included a […]

Easter Peep Cake My Way

Easter Peep Cake My Way Have you seen all the different ways on the web and mainly Pinterest you can make a “Peep” cake using the classic Marshmallow Treat, Peeps?  Love.them.  Here is my version of a Easter Peep Cake. You have many different ways you can use these little guys in with your Easter […]

Easter Peep Cake My Way by

GREEN Mint Chocolate Cheesecake by

GREEN Mint Chocolate Cheesecake – NO BAKE

Green Mint Chocolate Cheesecake – NO BAKE This would be a great dessert for St. Patrick’s Day…..or any other time of the year!  If you love mint chocolate chip, this cheesecake is for you. Best part………it’s a “no bake” cheesecake. AND it tastes like Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. “No Bake” cheesecakes are my fav […]

17 St Patricks Day Food Ideas 3

17 St Patricks Day Food Ideas     There is just a little more than a week away from St. Patrick’s Day.  (ha, I’m a poet and didn’t know it).  Time to figure out what to make if you celebrate this awesome Irish holiday.  St. Patrick’s Day is a great holiday in my opinion, not […]

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St Patricks Candy Dipped Oreos by

St Patricks Candy Dipped Oreos

St Patricks Candy Dipped Oreos Another holiday gives me yet another reason to bake goodies, just with different colors. 🙂  Having Irish in me and all, I like St. Patrick’s Day. But not just because I’m Irish. It’s one of those holidays that has no “present buying” attached to it.  We can just celebrate. These […]

The NEW Green Bean Casserole

The NEW Green Bean Casserole Do you like Green Bean Casserole?  Do you only eat it for Thanksgiving?  Why?  You can have this NEW Green Bean Casserole anytime, with any meal. My daughter and I came up with a new way to make this.  Instead of using Cream of Mushroom soup, we used Alfredo Sauce.  […]

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Valentines Day Coconut Cupcakes by

Valentine’s Day Coconut Cupcakes

Valentine’s Day Coconut Cupcakes My Mom loves coconut cakes and cupcakes. Since she’s here visiting, I made her fav, but in Valentine’s Day form.  Aren’t these cute?  They’re tasty too.  Did I mention they were easy as well?  Welp…they are some of the easiest I’ve made so far. Keeping pretty true to myself, I used […]