Andrews Dipping Sauce

Andrews Dipping Sauce. Sweet and spicy dipping sauce for your chicken strips, fries, or to use as a marinade for your chicken wings.

Ranch Style Corn on the Cob by

Ranch Style Corn on the Cob. Sprinkle the corn on the cob with Ranch Dressing Mix and bake it in the oven. Great way to change up your corn.

Pull Apart Cheesy Bread by

Pull Apart Cheesy Bread Cheesy bread goes with so many meals, or is great by itself as well.  I made this to go with my Turkey Alfredo with Angel Hair Pasta.  And instead of slicing the bread into individual slices.  I just sliced it down far enough to be able to pull it apart and get some butter and cheese down in between each slice. I didn’t use garlic powder

SLOW COOKER Beans and Turkey Sausage

SLOW COOKER Beans and Turkey Sausage The combo of Great Northern Beans and turkey sausage turned out to be an awesome combo.  They just seemed to go together perfectly.  Everyone thinks that the slow cooker aka crock pot is best used in the fall and winter months, which is somewhat correct.  But if you use your crock pot in the spring and summer months you are actually doing yourself a

Loaded HOMEMADE Mashed Potatoes by

Loaded HOMEMADE Mashed Potatoes Why eat regular mashed potatoes when you can have Loaded HOMEMADE Mashed Potatoes?  Ok, maybe when you have a big meal.  Other than that…these are the bomb.  And they are easier to eat than a Loaded Baked Potato. My tummy gives me trouble here and there.  When it does, I try to eat softer food.  But I didn’t want plain ole mashed potatoes. So, I made

Queso Blanco Rice by

Queso Blanco Rice You’ve had or heard of Queso Blanco cheese right?  If not, it’s a white cheddar type cheese.  Velveeta brand has some now.  Even some restaurants use it for their Queso Dip.  I like it. So much, that I put it in my Queso Blanco Rice here. It doesn’t take a scientist at this point to guess what I mixed with this rice, does it?  Yup…Queso Blanco cheese. 

Basic Dinner Rolls using a bread maker

Basic Dinner Rolls using a Breadmaker I got a bread maker a little while back and have been playing with it.  One of the “dough” recipes that were included were these dinner rolls.  I know you need a bread maker for it, but thought if you already had a bread maker but didn’t have a basic recipe for dinner rolls, I would be helping you out. I plan on making

Texas Beer Bread by

Texas Beer Bread I don’t like to drink beer. But I sure love it in my foods. Is that weird?  Another weird fact about me…..I loved the smell of beer on my hubs breath.  Crazy, right?  Well, I never said I was normal. This Texas Beer Bread was very easy to make.  Another recipe from the BEST of the BEST from TEXAS II cookbook.  The only thing I didn’t have

Cheesy Green Beans by

Cheesy Green Beans Cheesy Green Beans is a simple way to change up your boring vegetable AND get your kid to eat them.  I used to do this when my kids were younger.  A couple of them hated eating green beans (still do), but if I loaded them with cheese, it was a whole nuther story. You could serve these with just about any meal. This is no fancy schmancy

Easy Mexican Rice by

Easy Mexican Rice This has got to be the easiest Mexican Rice you can make, and it’s not as spicy as the typical Mexican Rice. It’s very cheesy…just the way I like it! I have tummy issues and can’t eat spicy foods.  I used Velveeta Mexican cheese, it’s not as spicy, so I can eat this and it still tastes like regular Mexican Rice. The easy part is you use

The New Green Bean Casserole by

The NEW Green Bean Casserole Do you like Green Bean Casserole?  Do you only eat it for Thanksgiving?  Why?  You can have this NEW Green Bean Casserole anytime, with any meal. My daughter and I came up with a new way to make this.  Instead of using Cream of Mushroom soup, we used Alfredo Sauce.  You heard me right.  Alfredo Sauce. The idea came up when we were thinking of

Bacon Fries by

Bacon Fries Talk about easy peasy.  Here ya go!   This came about when my daughter saw a recipe floating around on Facebook.  She tagged me in it and asked if I would make them for her.  I never went to the recipe to see how it’s made, but it’s pretty obvious, don’t you think?  At least my way is easy.  If you would like to make this more homemade, make

Loaded French Fries by

Loaded French Fries Doesn’t this look yummy?  Let me tell you, they were soooo good.  I haven’t been into making full meals lately.  I’m trying to get myself to eat again.  Long story.  So, I decided to make these puppies.  Pretty much the same as a loaded baked potato, but with french fries.  Point is, you could eat this as a whole meal, as an appetizer or as a side

Deviled Egg Pasta Salad by

Deviled Egg Pasta Salad Hey, can you tell the pasta is shaped like Breast Cancer Ribbons?  See the picture below and you’ll see.  Every year my oldest sister sends me a special package on my Breast Cancer Survivor Anniversary.  It’s like Christmas. This pasta was one of the items she sent me.  She loads a box full of Breast Cancer stuff and pink stuff.  I feel so blessed to have

Crockpot Potato Soup by

Crockpot Potato Soup Here’s another yummy recipe for the colder months coming up!  Use your crockpot to do your cooking.  This recipe is kind of out of my norm.  You will be making a roux for the soup and that does take some time and patience.  But so worth it in the end.  This Crockpot Potato Soup is good alone, but even better with the toppings.  Add some shredded cheese,

Chicken Fried Rice #friedrice #chicken #sidedish

Chicken Fried Rice I did it. I finally made some fried rice. Now I can’t wait to make some more.  I love fried rice. When I was a teenager, we were always ordering fried rice from a Chinese take out. My fav then was ham fried rice. Now, I love them all.  Well, I did come across one online the other day that was Ketchup Fried Rice. Even if I

#countrygravy #gravy #peppergravy

Peppered Country Gravy You can use country gravy with so many dishes. The above picture shows it on my Breakfast Egg Casserole. I personally like country gravy on top of eggs. Any kind of eggs. Fried. Scrambled. Egg Casserole.  I also country gravy on some good ole biscuits and especially Chicken Fried Steak.  But the possibilities do not end there.  You could use this on rice, mashed potatoes, hamburger

#eggrolls #cheeseburger #fingerfood #appetizer

Bacon Cheeseburger Egg Rolls These are by far my fav. If I said that on my last Egg Roll recipe, I take it back. These are the bomb!  I told you I was going to go crazy making them now.  And talk about easy.  These are easy. I only used ground beef, some velveeta and bacon! Yup yup…that’s it.  You could add more to it if you wanted to…or less,

#eggroll #ranchchicken #fingerfood #appetizer

Ranch Chicken Egg Rolls If you saw my last recipe, Ground Chicken HOMEMADE Egg Rolls, then you read that I might go, ok, I’m gonna go nuts making egg rolls. This is my second installment..LOL.  I’ll try from here on to at least have a recipe or two between them so we don’t go into egg roll burnout. I’m just so excited to learn I can make them so easily.