Main Courses

Bacon Cheeseburger Tot Skillet

Bacon Cheeseburger Tot Skillet Bacon Cheeseburger Tot Skillet.  This is more of a cowboy/country type meal.  If you like those, this is for you.  The title basically covers almost every ingredient…Tater tots, ground turkey meat, bacon, shredded cheese with green onions on top.  You can substitute several of these ingredients.  Use ground beef instead of ground turkey.  Use turkey bacon, or cut it all together, if you choose.  Throw in

Fajita Casserole

Fajita Casserole. AKA your Mexican dinner all in one dish. Served with chips or as a burrito with a tortilla.

Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese by

Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese. BACON LOVERS!! Take your grilled cheese up a notch by wrapping it in some awesome bacon. #bacon #grilledcheese #recipe

Avocado Ranch Turkey Burgers by

Avocado Ranch Turkey Burgers Another great summertime recipe.  All you need is 2 ingredients plus seasoning, if desired.  The turkey burgers and Avocado Ranch Dressing.  I have said before that while I do still eat beef, I have started cutting waaaaaay back on it.  And, I have been coming up with good enough burgers that don’t require a bun.  In fact, the picture shown here is not my burger.  This

Crunchy Burgers by

Crunchy Burgers Are you one of those peeps that takes a bite of your burger and then before you’re done chewing, you have to put a chip in your mouth and combine the two?  Or is that just me?  With these Crunchy Burgers, you get both in the same bite.  Never put your burger down again to grab some chips.  You’re welcome. Simple.  All you need to do is make

Chicken and Cucumber Salad LIGHT AND FRESH

Chicken and Cucumber Salad I know, it sounds weird. But, it tasted good. 😉  This just came to me.  It’s so light and fresh. I eat popcorn chicken salads quite often.  This particular day, I decided to just have the popcorn chicken and cucumber and see what happened.  It happened.  I liked it.  I think next time I’ll cut the cucumber smaller…like in quarters instead of halves. I used popcorn

Toasted Hot Dogs by

 Toasted Hot Dogs My Mom is visiting and when I asked her what she wanted for lunch one day, this was what she chose.  She use to make these for my sisters, brother and I when we were young and we loved them.  Still do.  It’s a real quick way to make a lot of hot dogs at once.  What’s different about these is the bread gets toasted in the

Crockpot Tater Tot Casserole

Crockpot Tater Tot Casserole I took my Cheesy Sausage and Tater Tot Casserole and instead of cooking this in the oven, I cooked it in the crockpot.  This way, no heating up my kitchen.  And with the hotter days here I don’t want to heat my house up more than it already is. The day I chose to make this I knew I would be so busy and by the

Turkey Alfredo with Angel Hair Pasta

 Turkey Alfredo with Angel Hair Pasta I was originally suppose to make this Turkey Alfredo with Angel Hair Pasta when my daughter and her 5 kids were visiting.  But change of plans, it didn’t happen.  So, while here all by my little lonesome, I had to make it with no one to feed.  Thought it was going to go to waste.  But, alas, my daughter in law stopped by with

Ranch Chicken Burgers by

Ranch Chicken Burgers I love burgers, but I don’t like to eat nothing but beef all the time.  Always good to change it up a bit and try something new and different.  This is definitely that.  This burger is made with ground chicken.  Eat it alone or on a bun like a real burger.  For those low carbers out there, this would be a great source of meat to have