Cheesy Ham and Vegetable Soup @ 3GLOL

Cheesy Ham and Vegetable Soup It’s that time of year peeps!!  Time for soups, roast, chicken and dumplings and much more.  I hate the temps outside, I’m not a “cold” person, but I love the new season for the tv shows and I love the food that comes with it! Yes, that’s my life.  Work, blog, cook, eat and watch tv. 🙂  I’m good with it! My mom passed on

Tuna Melt Sliders |

Tuna Melt Sliders Don’t you just want to reach in your monitor and grab that.  I definitely shouldn’t be doing this while I’m pretty much starving.  I’m tempted to lick the tuna oozing off that roll.  Whew! This is another easy peasy slider to make that would be perfect for an appetizer at any type party, football day or as a meal.  Your choice. Just grab and munch. That simple!

Philly Steak Sliders

Philly Steak Sliders Got another slider for ya here.  I love philly steak and I love sliders…so, of course, I loved these too!  Very simple and quick meal to make. Or you can use as an appetizer. Plus, sliders are the perfect size for the kiddos.  For these, I used the Great Value Philly Steak meat found in the frozen section at Walmart and King’s Hawaiian Rolls (my fav).  Just

French Bread Dogs #frenchbread #hotdogs #kidrecipe

French Bread Dogs This is a very kid friendly food.  Serve with some Mac n Cheese and you can count on a few minutes of silence while the kids shovel the food in their mouth.  Quick and easy to make.  Great for those nights you have practice to contend with, or for those school functions that always mess with your evening plans. All you need here is some refrigerated french

Chicken Fried Rice #friedrice #chicken #sidedish

Chicken Fried Rice I did it. I finally made some fried rice. Now I can’t wait to make some more.  I love fried rice. When I was a teenager, we were always ordering fried rice from a Chinese take out. My fav then was ham fried rice. Now, I love them all.  Well, I did come across one online the other day that was Ketchup Fried Rice. Even if I

Turkey and Swiss Sliders #sliders #sandwich #turkey

Turkey and Swiss Sliders Don’t you just love sliders and how versatile they can be? You could eat them for lunch or dinner.  Or you could keep them around and have one for a snack.  How about as an appetizer for a party or get together? I think the first “sliders” I saw was at Chili’s restaurant.  I thought they were such cute little burgers. I can never finish a

Bean Burritos #burritos #refriedbeans

Easy Bean Burritos Here is a quickie for ya, as long as you don’t mind making one by one, or have two pans going.  They don’t take but a couple minutes on each side. So, my guess would be to make 10, all in the same pan, it would take you about 40 minutes.  But here’s the best news of all…these can be made ahead of time and frozen.  Then

Taco Grilled Cheese

Taco Grilled Cheese This isn’t my creation this time.  Sarah, my youngest, Ms. Taco Lover, came up with this and made it.  I just took the pictures. Hopefully, I’m wearing off on her and she will love to cook and create!   Sarah used the leftover meat that I used to make the Taco Egg Rolls.  So, remember that when you make this.  You can make several meals with one

Ham and Swiss Ranch Roll Up Sandwich

Ham and Swiss Ranch Roll Up Sandwich That’s a mouthful right?  This is a easy quick fix for lunch or for dinner.  You can use whatever meats and cheese you want with this baby.  I used french bread dough, ham, swiss cheese and ranch dressing.  Buttered the top and sprinkled some parmesan cheese. Then baked it! I sliced mine for small sandwiches, but if you want to pig out, go

Personal Pizzas #pizza #dinner #lunch

PERSONAL PIZZAS   This is a quickie how to/idea for lunch or dinner.  Let everyone make their own pizza, or make their pizza the way they want.  Everyone wins here.  Very quick and easy and if you have kids, they will love to pile on their own toppings.  My 18 year old loved it so much, she wanted to do mine as well.  Whatever, right. All you need is: -Refrigerated


Philly Cheesesteak Roll A new take on the classic Philly Cheesesteak. This turned out really good.  Everyone being served loved it, from kids to adults. And get this, the kids ranged from 1 up to 10 years old. We made two of these, one with onions (for adults) and one without (for children). I added the onions with the meat in the skillet and cooked it together.  The only problem

Popcorn Chicken Wrap

  Popcorn Chicken Wrap   Here’s a quick and easy meal/snack, whatever you want to call it.  Have you ever had a chicken wrap at Mcdonalds?  This is pretty similar, except the chicken pieces are smaller.  So when you take a bite of this one, you don’t have to fight that big piece of chicken that you don’t end up biting through and then you’re left with a flat wrap.

Grilled Tuna and Cheese

Grilled Tuna & Cheese Sandwich Do you love tuna salad sandwiches?  If so, I think you’ll like this too…maybe better.   There are lots of grilled cheese sandwiches out there now. I decided to contribute to the craze.  I’m starting to figure out that I have to get involved with crazes and put my touch on it.  Think I’m competitive any?  Yup yup!    I love me a grilled cheese,