Delish Desserts

Red, White n Blue Nutter Butters

Red, White n Blue Nutter Butters Who likes Nutter Butters?  Who likes white chocolate?  Well, you’re in luck. I took some Nutter Butters and dipped them in white chocolate and then to add some more sugar, sprinkled with sugar. In my opinion, peanut butter and chocolate go together like mac n cheese. Make it white chocolate and dang, we’re talking some good stuff. These would be great to take to

Lemon Bundt Cake

  Lemon Bundt Cake – The Easy Way   Here’s the easy way to make a so awesome of a cake, that everyone will thinks it’s from scratch.  This secret can not only be used with this cake, but any cake you make.  I often get complimented on my “box” cakes because of these 2 things.  One, I always add a box of Jello instant pudding. Even if the box

Cherry Dr Peppe Popsicle

 CHERRY DR PEPPER POPSICLES   This is a quick one.  I have been wanting to make some popsicles that are good and not full of sugar for me and the grandkiddos.  The only sugar in these came from the cherry juice I used.   I mixed it with a Diet Dr Pepper to cut back on the sugar.  I used the cherry juice instead of a Cherry Dr Pepper cuz it

Orange Cheesecake

  Oranges n Cream Cheesecake Instead of Peaches n Cream Cheesecake, I made an Oranges & Cream Cheesecake. Too bad I can’t eat this sucker, cuz it’s lookin pretty darn good if I say so myself.  This was another “hubs request”.  Gotta keep the man full of good food. That way, he’s more likely to say yes when I ask for something 🙂  So, this is basically the same as

Banana Pudding Pie

Banana Pudding Pie     I came across this awesome recipe the other day for Peanut Butter Pie Crust.  It was literally haunting me throughout the day. I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  When I told my daughter about it, we started brainstorming on what we could put in it.  *Lightbulb flash*.  Banana Pudding. Bananas and Peanut Butter…duh!  This pie absolutely rocks!!  Wait until you try it!!   To make