Delish Desserts

Strawberry Cheesecake Egg Rolls

Strawberry Cheesecake Egg Rolls I know, strange sounding right?  I wasn’t sure if these would work since normally you eat this Strawberry Cheesecake filling cold.  But, it worked.  A little messy when taking a bite, some of it squeezed out on my hand, but I didn’t have a problem licking it off if you know what I mean. I’m guessing if you’re here checking this awesome recipe out, then you

Dulce De Leche Frozen Yogurt by

Dulce De Leche Frozen Yogurt My first attempt at Frozen Yogurt aka Froyo.  I can’t not tolerate yogurt, but my daughter encouraged me to try it and I can say that I love Froyo. I saw a recipe for Classic Vanilla Frozen Yogurt at Kleinworth & Co. and it inspired me to try to make my own.  Thanks Gina!!  🙂 And isn’t it cool to just say Dulce De Leche? 

Strawberry NO BAKE Cheesecake by

Strawberry NO BAKE Cheesecake Here’s ya another awesome NO BAKE cheesecake.  Have I said before how much I love NO BAKE cheesecakes?  If not, here I go again.  I NO BAKE cheesecakes more than any other cheesecake, or dessert for that matter.  I’ve even let it surpass my favorite of all time Apple Pie. I know, what am I thinking?  But these babies are so easy, don’t heat up

Bananas Foster Upside Down Bundt Cake by

Bananas Foster Upside Down Bundt Cake I’ve been dying to make something with Bananas Foster.  This is what I came up with. A Bananas Foster Upside Down Bundt Cake.  Instead of making a cake and THEN pouring the Bananas Foster on top of it, I cooked it all together.  I did cheat, like usual, and I used a store bought cake mix that I added my secret ingredient in.  I

Peach Cobbler Cake by

Peach Cobbler Cake This turned out just as amazing as my Apple Cobbler Cake.  I made a few adjustments and it was GREAT!!  The cake was oh so moist and then the crumbles on top have a little bit of crunch.  All on top of peach pie filling.  My mouth is watering just describing this to you. I made it for some friends and it’s a darn good thing.  If

HOMEMADE Basic Cake Mix by

HOMEMADE Basic Cake Mix Here’s a simple homemade cake mix for ya.  I halved the recipe for mine.  We were going for a thinner two layer cake for this particular occasion.  I spunked it up though and added purple food coloring for my granddaughter’s birthday party.  She was doing a very colorful party theme. The frosting I made for this was a Creamy Whipped Nutella Frosting.  Man that was some

Creamy Whipped Nutella Frosting by

Creamy Whipped Nutella Frosting Have any Nutella lovers out there?  Then they’ll love this.  My granddaughter absolutely loves Nutella and for her birthday, I made this frosting.  She was in town and we were making, baking and cooking all day long for her party.  This was the cake and frosting we made.  The frosting is to die for, if I say so myself. The decor you see ALL over it

Brownie Cookies by

Brownie Cookies  This is a simple and quick way to change up how you use your Brownie Mix. With a couple changes to the ingredients, you can turn your brownies into cookies. Thus, Brownie Cookies. Only took me about 5 minutes to prepare, then bake the cookies however you want. Big, small or in between. I ended up with 36 – 3 batches of 12. To me, cookies go further

NO BAKE Fruity Frozen Cheesecake by

NO BAKE Fruity Frozen Cheesecake I was down one day.  I was still being productive by crocheting, but that’s about it.  I decided to watch one of my fav shows, “The Chew”.  They had this as one of their NO BAKE dishes.  Well, at least, something like this.  Looked good, so I added to my list of cheesecakes to make.  Cuz, I be lovin’ me some cheesecakes. This was a

Skillet Smores Brownies by

Skillet Smores Brownies I’ve seen S’mores Brownies made, but so far, not in a skillet.  That doesn’t mean they’re not out there. I just haven’t seen them.  S’mores Brownies are made like S’mores are.  Graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallows.  Only with these I basically swapped the chocolate for chocolate brownies. I made a graham cracker crust.  Then I used a brownie box mix next. Poured it over the graham cracker

Fun Filled Velvet Cake by

Fun Filled Velvet Cake What an awesome cake to use for a Birthday, right? This was a huge hit.  Met up with my sisters for the day and took this as our “treat”.  After dinner, we hit this baby up.  And it was good.  Now, I would change one thing.  The M&Ms were not as crunchy after being inside the cake like that.  So, next time, I’ll use a different

EASY Fried Apple Dumplings by

EASY Fried Apple Dumplings Do you like apple pie?  Or even the ones you can buy at the grocery store or gas stations?  Those little fried apple pies?  You’re in luck then.  These taste a WHOLE lot like those.  They’re like mini fried apple pies.  And would go great with some vanilla ice cream. I got smart.  This time while I’m writing up my recipe and telling you all about

Snickerdoodle Cheesecake Bars

Snickerdoodle Cheesecake Bars Do they have CA (Cheesecake Anonymous)?  If so, I might need to consider going.  I’ve become obsessed with cheesecakes.  This time I made Snickerdoodle Cheesecake Bars.  I took my current favorite – Cheesecake and combined it with my one of my all time favorite cookies – Snickerdoodles. What I did was use the snickerdoodle cookies for my crust.  Why use the same ole same ole? Ok, graham