Best Breakfast Evah

Sausage Egg and Potato Breakfast Sandwich

Sausage Egg and Potato Breakfast Sandwich. Made with turkey sausage, an egg, a hash brown patty and a couple slices of cheese on a bun. Get everything with one bite!

Sausage Egg and Potato Breakfast Sandwich by

White Chocolate and M&M Pancakes

White Chocolate and M&M Pancakes. Take your basic pancake and make it extraordinary by adding some white chocolate chips and M&Ms.

White Chocolate and M&M Pancakes by

Bacon and Egg Breakfast Cups by

Bacon and Egg Breakfast Cups QUICK AND EASY

Bacon and Egg Breakfast Cups Looking for a low carb and easy meal? Here ya go. Aren’t these cute too?  Don’t want to break out the forks?  Don’t have to with these.  If you want…use more bacon!  I’m all for that. I went light on the bacon cuz my daughter isn’t as fond of bacon […]

Another Breakfast Crescent

Another Breakfast Crescent Yup…here’s yet another breakfast crescent for ya.  It’s not like there are tons of this out there floating in internet land.  This one has turkey sausage, eggs and cheese.  Know what’s great about these babies?  You make more than you need, then heat them up in the morning for a quick on […]

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Philly Steak Omelet by

Philly Steak Omelet

Philly Steak Omelet Here’s an new way to eat an omelet.  Obviously I have some philly steak meat and I’m making up some cool stuff with it.  I just recently made Philly Grilled Cheese, which was pretty good if I say so myself. This Philly Steak Omelet was no different.  I love steak and I […]

Ham and Potato Scramble

Ham and Potato Scramble Ham, potatoes, cheese and eggs.  Great combination in my book.  Great thing about breakfast foods is you can eat it no matter what time of day it is.  This happened to be a late breakfast for me. I actually ate it for lunch.  I had a granola bar in the morning […]

Ham and Potato Scramble by

Breakfast Skillet Bake by

Breakfast Skillet Bake

Breakfast Skillet Bake I decided to change things up a bit with my breakfast casseroles. So, I made a Breakfast Skillet Bake. I love cooking in my cast iron skillets, they give food such a unique taste.  Cast iron skillets are known to boost your iron intake from eating foods in your cast iron skillet. […]

Cheesy Texas Scramble

Cheesy Texas Scramble I love breakfast.  It’s my favorite.  After making this yummy Cheesy Texas Scramble, I realized that I haven’t had a decent breakfast in a long time.  I also realized that I miss my bacon. Bacon and I have a long time love affair.  It loves me, I know it. These would great […]

Cheesy Texas Scramble by

Fried Bologna and Egg Sandwich by

Fried Bologna and Egg Sandwich

Fried Bologna and Egg Sandwich on This is not as weird as you may think.  Have you ever had a fried bologna sandwich?  If so, then this is just a better version of it. If not, why not?  🙂 I always thought that Fried Bologna was a southern thang.  Turns out I’m wrong.  When I […]