Pork Turkey Meatballs

PORK TURKEY MEATBALLS Meatballs can make up or compliment so many meals.  Spaghetti, Goulash, Pasta, alone or many other dishes. These can make a great appetizer or finger food at get togethers. I will use these in spaghetti (sometimes), but really love to heat up some brown gravy and have meatballs and brown gravy over rice. Just thinking of it makes me want to go heat these up.  They also

Ham and Cheese PInwheels

Ham & Cheese Pinwheels This is a recipe for your basic pinwheel.  You should add any extra ingredients that you like in yours. I wanted to get you started and then let you create!  There are so many variations to pinwheels.  You can change everything, add some things, or just leave it as is! My ideal pinwheel would have more cheese (duh!), ham and turkey, shredded lettuce, olives with some

Turkey Roll Ups

Turkey & Mozzarella Roll Ups Want a quick and easy meal?  Here it is!  Turkey & Mozzarella Roll Ups. This takes only a few ingredients and the ingredients that I have listed can be substituted for your favs.  These roll ups would be great for a party or get-together. Easy pick me up food! This is the first of my soon to be collection of recipes.  I have been inspired