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Pinterest Group Boards Pinterest brings in most of my page views.  As a blogger, like most of you reading this, I watch to see which social media brings in the most views and Pinterest wins by far. One of the biggest reasons is because I followed some other well respected bloggers advice and started joining group boards.  If you don’t know what those are yet, here’s a run down…. Group

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22 Helpful Blog How-tos If you’re a blogger then you’ve either read helpful information to learn how to “blog” or you read it constantly to keep in the know.  In my opinion, you can never know it all.  I always check these posts out to see if there is something I haven’t read about yet, or if it’s some new brilliant idea.  Most of the time I am finding new

Blogging Linky Party

Blogging: A newbie’s perspective on Linky Parties   So I ‘ve been blogging for 6 months now (officially) and after reading post after post, I’ve come up with my take on SOME of that advice floating around. I feel I have enough linky party participation behind me to be able to give my take. I have been visiting linky parties for the entire time I’ve been blogging live.  And I