Meg McAvoy

Lettered Giftbags

Lettered Giftbags: Forget the name tags! Make a statement and spell their name out right on the giftbag! Lettered giftbags are such a simple, and yet borderline genius, way to present your presents! HA! Present…presents!!! I did a small present for each letter of Kyleigh’s name, but you could put your special someone’s entire name on their present. Get funky fresh with a sharpie (my dad always did, right mom? and

Balloon Tokens

Birthday Balloon Tokens Here’s an easy birthday idea that puts a fun twist on a classic gift! It’s a gift that comes in various different forms and is called by several different names… Coupon books, vouchers, tickets, tokens, certificates, cards, etc… And who doesn’t love to be handed a little booklet that ensures some chore relief, extra recreational time, or a much needed massage?! What’s more is that you have the

Creative Birthday Obstacle Course

Are you like me and looking for fun and creative birthday ideas to let your loved ones know just how much you care? Something oh so special for someone oh so special? A fantastic way to show how fantastic they are in your eyes? This year I wanted to start my daughters day off right from the very beginning with fun! I had seen the balloon avalanche done and wanted to

BLACK SHEET a beginner photographer's best friend!

BLACK SHEET a beginner photographer’s best friend: First let me start off by saying that I have no professional training in photography. I am purely fueled by a desire to capture moments of humanity, especially my own little ducks(kids), and a POSSIBLY stronger desire to stop paying for pictures by companies I can afford that are less than desirable! UGH! No, I stand my ground, and you should too! Don’t

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS WITH GIMP-how to use smudge tool & adjust contrast

Professional photos with Gimp: how to use smudge tool and adjust contrast Today I’m going to teach you some easy tricks to get your photos that “professional” look…even if you’re not one! FIRST: download GIMP if you don’t have it already! While you wait, reference my post on using a black sheet here. Next open your image up in Gimp. Here’s mine: Now select the smudge tool located on the

Cutest Cabinet Makeover

I’m going to show you the cutest cabinet makeover that can be done in minutes and is cheaper than a big mac from the Golden Arches. Scroll over to the next page for details!

2 Easy Steps to Get Rid of Pilling on Your Sheets

Pilling sheets?! Oh me, oh my! Please tell me I’m not the only one with the bad combination of big, harry husband and cheap sheets… Of course I’m not! So, never fear, pilling solutions are here! Here’s 2 easy steps to get rid of pilling on your sheets. Items needed: -Your choice of razor( the better the razor, the easier this task is) -Lint roller   Step 1:    

Organize Your Books By Color

Most of us have books in our home… Well dust those vessels of knowledge off and use them to make a statement! Organize your books by color and turn your library from an eye sore to an eye catcher! Here’s my little bookcase. I love this because it’s no money spent…just a little re-organizing! How many things do we already own that just need a face lift to make a

118 Uses for Baking Soda

      Ok guys, I’ve spent a good bit of time exhaustively searching the net, talking to people about their own discoveries and tricks, trying these out, and adding some of my own to create this thorough and inspiring list for you on ways to use baking soda.  Baking soda, also known as bicarbonate of soda or sodium bicarbonate, is a pH regulator. What is pH you might ask?

Top 10 DIY Bird Baths to Inspire you!

Spring is quickly approaching and my mind is already thinking of ways to spruce the yard up, the living out loud way that is…cheap and creatively! Spring brings, flowers, showers, and BIRDS! Can you believe it?! Is it just me or is time speeding up? Anyways, speaking of time, I’ve gone online and done some looking for both you and I! I’ve found so so many stinkin’ cute DIY bird

Get Professional-Looking Pics with Phone App

          Would you pay money for these shots? Do you own an iphone or android? Then don’t! Take them yourself and use a free phone app. I used an i phone app called BeFunky. I used two different effects on these. One called “Instant 1” and another called “tilt shift” which blurred the edges, giving them more of a professional look. You can even add text

Pickle Jar Turned Fabulous!

      Ok, ladies! For all you who don’t know this about me, let me share with you my firm belief…   That being said, let’s rock these pickle jars! First thing’s first! Use nail polish remover to remove and print off your jar. Just dab some remover on a cotton ball, paper towel, or what-ev. Wipes right off! Easy peezy!  Next, draw a thin line of glue around

Guilty! The Antibiotic Resistance...Are You in Danger?

        Guilty! The Antibiotic Resistance! Are you in Danger? Health Health {What is antibiotic resistance? Why should you care? How does it affect you? How did this happen? What can you do about it? We at 3glol live life out loud, sharing the truth as we discover it, so that you may live a better and fuller life.} [Are we at the end of the antibiotic age?]

Buy in Bulk

Are you wondering if you should buy in bulk? What the point would be? How it would benefit you and your family? To buy in bulk, or not to………that is the question! Here’s a quick list of 5 very totally awesome reason’s to say yes! 1) Time saver- buying in bulk means less trips to the store. Taking the time to figure out what items are needed over the next

Spreading the Love Tip#4-Trashman Love

Here’s a fun tip for spreading the love that’s good for the kiddos to do.  Well, they are all good for the kids to do…but this one’s especially fun for them! Most of us have some sort of service man in our life, whether its the trash man, water man, mail man, etc. These are people that routinely come to your house, and it’s the perfect opportunity to show them

Top 5 Uses 4 Everyday Baby Products

    As a mother of five, I’ve become used to having baby products all over the house! Over the years I’ve learned to maximize my use of these baby products by using them for more than just baby.  For the sake of time, since we’re all in short supply of it, I will list the top five baby products and their top five uses. Baby Oil: 1)       Make your

Living Large Tip#3-Keep that Car Clean

  It’s super easy for your vehicle to become messy, but add some more monkeys to the barrel, and your car can become a rolling dumpster! So here’s some simple tips to keep that car clean!   1) Organize- put totes, boxes, tubs, and the like in you car to meet your family’s specific needs. Utilize any storage space you have and get creative to store toys, pillows, blankets, movies,

Cheap Drawer Liners and Shelf Paper

  Here are some cheap and creative ideas for drawer liners and shelf paper that you may have never thought about! You may have some of these items laying around the house, and if you don’t they will be easy and affordable to come by. Mom recently added a post “Clean, organize and sell- in da kitchen”, if you haven’t seen it, check it out. This post was made to

DIY Paint-on Moss

    There’s nothing more romantic than perfectly placed moss. Are there some places in your yard or garden that you wish you could just paint some moss on to create a little more romance and beauty? Well…you can! To make paint on moss, all you need is a cup of plain active culture yogurt, a handful of yard moss, and about a cup of water. Toss all these ingredients