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This is me
This is me

Bobbi AKA “G”

Hi and thanks for coming by!! I hope you stay a few and get inspired to either make my recipes…or come up with some variations and make it your own.  Feel free to share with me any change/subs/additions you make. I would love to hear new ideas.

About me….I love to cook and create dishes.  I get inspired by other dishes and think of what I can do to make it different.  You’ll find that I like to keep my posts brief so you can see what you came to see….the recipe.

I don’t like looking for hard to find ingredients, so most of what you need to make my dishes are common ingredients. I also tend to take the fastest route to same time (time is precious), but occasionally you’ll see some more time consuming recipes.

My favorite  foods are peanut butter, bananas, pumpkin and white chocolate.  In other words, you will probably see more desserts than anything else.  Another thing I have been into lately is creating dishes with refrigerated dough.  Be on the look out for those if you like them too.

I’m a down to earth chick for the most part. <wink wink>

Rock on!





Megan AKA Meg, Megz, Meggie, Meggie Lou, Megpie, and many more

Hey, hello, hi, and howdy do!  I’m a home-schooling, stay at home, mother of five; one girl(Kyleigh) and FOUR boys!  We laugh, we cry, we love, we fight…some days are so great we never want them to end, and others we are just happy to have survived!  We are most defiantly imperfect and make mistakes, but no matter what, we still love each other and do our best to support, encourage, help, and love one another other.  I know I’ve used quite a bit of descriptive words, but with 7 very different people living together under one roof, life is interesting to say the least!

Now, I know you may be wondering why I’m talking about my family when this is MY bio, but my family is me.  Everything I do, think, and feel is geared at them in some way!

I spend my time doing my best to raise my kids to recognize their talents and pursue them, all the while being good and loving citizens who can critically think as individuals.  Then, I have to somehow, even when I’m tired and frustrated, be the best wife I can be to my husband.  Having a good and solid marriage isn’t easy but crucial for your children, and beyond rewarding for yourself.

I love photography, and unlike my mom, I actually prefer to shoot people!  LOL!  That is to say, take pictures of people.  I love people.  I love how complex and unique each individual is and the part they play in this grand story called life!

I’m a big fan of cheap, old, used, and trashed things and turning them into something beautiful.  I really love when my husband takes an old, piece of junk, motorcycle and flips into not only a desirable bike, but a piece of art.  Something about finding the beauty in things overlooked and under-valued and enhancing it just rocks my socks!

So when it comes to being a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a neighbor, a Christian, or doing homeschooling, gardening, cleaning, crafting, photography, while laughing, having fun, and making the most of everything…I’m no pro, but I’m not letting that stop me, and you shouldn’t either!  Let’s do this!


KyleighBioKyleigh AKA Kypie

Hi!  My name is Kyleigh!  Here’s a little bit about myself:

I’m nine years old,  going on thirty…at least that’s what I’m told.  A lot of my friends, and even my brothers, wish they were older, but not me!  I like being my age.  I have eight  siblings, ALL younger than me!  Two sisters, & six brothers.  I live with only 4 brothers, but I love them all!  And I love,  love,  love being a big sissy!  I try my hardest to be the best sissy I can be. You might think I’m koo-koo because I love feeding the babies and even changing their diapers!  My Mom calls me “little momma”.

My family is my most precious passion, but I have many passions and interest!  I’m a Texas girl to the core, that loves cooking, sewing, make-up, fashion, dressing up, boxing, shooting guns, weapons of all sorts ( I’m a warrior princess!  A girl’s gotta look good AND be tough ), photography, writing, music, dancing, history, nature, science, drawing, painting, socializing, charity, eating healthy, gardening, baby sitting, motorcycles, jokes, cute little animals, and most important of them all…God!  Yes, I’m a Christian, and I…love it!  If I could have job doing all these things, that would be awe-some( sing song voice ).

As you can tell, I love a lot of things! Except Justin Bieber, I can’t stand that guy!  I’m pretty sure I WOULD get a fever if I was around too much Bieber! If you like him, I’m sorry, I just don’t get it!  By the way, I don’t have a crush on any boys, and I never will.  They’re gross!  Literally!  Trust me, I have enough brothers to know.  If you like boys, that’s ok, just make sure they’re good boys, unlike Justin Bieber!  Ha!  And my brother’s are OFF-limits too!  Don’t even think of liking them, because you will have to go through me!

So, as we say in my family, ” That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it! ”





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