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Pinterest brings in most of my page views.  As a blogger, like most of you reading this, I watch to see which social media brings in the most views and Pinterest wins by far.

One of the biggest reasons is because I followed some other well respected bloggers advice and started joining group boards.  If you don’t know what those are yet, here’s a run down….

Group Boards are created by one “pinner”, just another individual on Pinterest.  This “pinner” creates a board in whatever category they want and they invite other “pinners” to pin their pins to it.  This creates a place for same or similar posts to be pinned and then repinned.

In order to be in a group board, there are some rules to follow…

  1. You must follow the person who “owns” the board, or a designated “inviter” (one that can invite you to pin).
  2. Send a request based on their requirements. Might be a message on Pinterest, or an email.  If they don’t have any requirements posted, you can reply to one of their pins. I have a separate board for invites.
  3. Accept the invitation if they invited you.
  4. Pin to the board based on their rules.  Always check the rules of the board, if posted.  Always follow those rules.  If you don’t, you may find yourself deleted from the Group Board.

If you don’t get invited, don’t fret.  Move on and find another board.  Sometimes, they won’t respond to your request or invite you.

Look for the boards that have more contributors. The more contributors, the more views your pins will get.

Pinterest can have a domino effect.  Let’s say you pin something, then one of your followers (or another contributor) pins that pin, then one of their followers pins that pin…it can go on and on.  I have some pins that I pinned over a year ago still getting many many repins.

Another benefit from Group Boards is you get more followers without even trying.  They like your pin, they check you out, and they follow you.  Commenting on others pins is another good way to get attention to yourself and possibly new followers.

The possibilities are endless.

Before I end this longer than normal post, let me give a few other tips for those of you not familiar with Pinterest.

  • Have pinnable images within your post.  I can’t tell you how many times I go to pin links from my Teach Me Tuesday Linky Party and there isn’t pinnable images.
  • Have bigger pinnable images.  Some do have pinnable images, but they’re like 200×200.  That does not stand out among all the other pins out there.  Go check out this Social Media Image Size post and see what is a good size to use.
  • Name your images.  Another problem I encounter when trying to pin your links is the description of the pin is “_DSC0027.jpg”.  You should name the image the same name as your post, possibly adding your blog name.  I named every single image on this post “Pinterest Group Boards by”.  That way, if a description is NOT added, then at least it’s has the title of my post along with my blog.

Now, onto the biggest reason for this post………PINTEREST GROUP BOARDS.  Both myself and Adrian came up with some group boards that we thought would cover almost everything we see during our linky parties.  We went back through some of our weekly linky parties and repinned them into our new Group Boards to get them started.

We wanted to offer up another means for you to get your posts seen and for all of us to grow!  Most of you are probably already following one of us and can just skip that step.  All you need to do now is ask for an invite into whichever boards you would like to pin into.

Here are the boards we have created –

Pinterest Group Boards by

Pinterest Group Boards by

 Pinterest Group Boards by

Pinterest Group Boards by

Pinterest Group Boards by

Pinterest Group Boards by

 Pinterest Group Boards by

Pinterest Group Boards by

Go check them out and see which ones you would like to contribute to, then visit my Group Board Invitation Board and ask for an invite. Tell your friends, pass this on so we can build up the number of contributors and number of pins for all our sake.

Pinterest Group Boards by

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