Lettered Giftbags

Lettered Giftbags:

Forget the name tags! Make a statement and spell their name out right on the giftbag! Lettered giftbags are such a simple, and yet borderline genius, way to present your presents!

HA! Present…presents!!!


I did a small present for each letter of Kyleigh’s name, but you could put your special someone’s entire name on their present. Get funky fresh with a sharpie (my dad always did, right mom? and duck tape…before it was cool) or print out something a bit more fanciful. 

Why stop with lettered giftbags?! We’ve all been on the giftwrap isle more than once, searching for the “perfect” giftwrap for that certain someone…why not chose a solid color and doodle it up after wrapping? Lettered giftbags, lettered giftwrapped presents…BOTH will make your present the talk of the party!

Let’s do this!


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