Balloon Tokens

Birthday Balloon Tokens

Balloon Tokens

Here’s an easy birthday idea that puts a fun twist on a classic gift!

It’s a gift that comes in various different forms and is called by several different names…

Coupon books, vouchers, tickets, tokens, certificates, cards, etc…

And who doesn’t love to be handed a little booklet that ensures some chore relief, extra recreational time, or a much needed massage?!

What’s more is that you have the ability to completely customize your certificates to what you know your loved one will adore.

So, this year as I blew up my pink balloons for Kyleigh balloon avalanche door, I happen to have a big black sharpie sitting within view, and the wheel started spinning!

Balloon Tokens!!!

I got to doodling, and had several birthday tokens done in just minutes. You could tape printouts on them(which is a way better idea) so when the balloons pop, they still have something tangible to redeem. I was working on the fly though, and how some of the best ideas are birthed!

I put mine in the balloon avalanche on her door and just let her stumble across that there was actual tokens on them. It was fun to see her finally figure it out. You could have them aired with helium and do so many cool things with them!

Here’s so ideas to ignite some sparks for you…

Balloon_tokens 6 Balloon_tokens5 Balloon_tokens 4 balloon_tokens2 Balloon_tokens 1 Ballon_tokens

And since Kyleigh(another blogger here at 3GLOL) was turning 10, I added some like this…

Balloon_tokens 7

I had 10 hugs, 10 kisses, 10 winks, 10 cuddles, 10 eskimos(kisses), and 10 giggles. I’m sure there’s so many more cute ones! Hop. skip. jump. etc. for little boys.

So many creative and fun ways to show someone our love without breaking the bank and these balloon tokens are perfect! Could be used for Father’s day, Mother’s day, and anniversaries too!

Let’s do this!



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      Have a good one!


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