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DIY: Make a pallet bench

Make a Pallet Bench

Get ahold of some FREE pallets and make some awesome outdoor furniture for cheee-eeep!

After at least a year of waiting, I finally got my oh-so-wanted pallet benches.  Thanks to my hubs, my son (for supplying me with tons of pallets) and my son in law for putting them together, oh and my daughter, Sarah, for helping me decorate them. Whoop. I love them!!


Here’s how to make them!!

SUPPLIES NEEDED FOR ONE BENCH (double up if you make two, like me):

3 pallets (make sure they’re the same size)

Nails (preferably a nail gun)

1 Hubs (or any other big strapping man)

Circular Saw


That’s it!


I was so excited that hubs was finally ready to saw these for me, and I had to help hold them, that I didn’t get pics of that ;( wah wah


1 – Get your hubs (or big strapping man) to saw 2 of the pallets in half (kinda) , you want to saw it where there is a crossboard on both sides.

Pallet crossboard

2 – Set 3 halves on top of each other (for seat)

3 stacked pallets

3 – Stand up a full pallet behind the 3 halves (for back)

Attach back to seat - pallet bench

4 – Using a nail gun (preferred), nail the 3 halves together and then the back onto the now together seat.

NOTE: Using screws or just hammering in nails may prove to split your wood. If you choose to do it this way, use caution.

5 -Sand down rough edges so you don’t get a splinter in your booty!

6 – Stain, paint, or leave natural like I did.


Now just set it where you want it and add some cushions of your choice, maybe some pillows.  Sky’s the limit. 

Pointing out fire pit planter

See the fire pit planter I made to go with this little get up?  Check out how to make one here.


Finished pallet bench view

Pallet Bench Table

See the table?  Well a young man (a family friend), saw the benches and said I needed a table to go with them. So, he gathered up some wood from pallets I have laying around and made me this cute table to go with my benches.  Cool right? Thanks Bry!

If I haven’t said it before, I love these!!

How would you do yours? Would you stain or paint them?  Would you add a cushion?  What kind?


Rock on!



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