Easter Eggs – Think outside of the box decorating ideas

This is the last post (round up) I’ll do for Easter ideas. The egg decorating!

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas



Getting tired of the same ole decorated eggs that we use to make when we were kids? Quit doing the same ole thing and change it up!!  Now, there are so many creative ideas out there and the internet is here to share them. Here are some of my favorites!!

Tie Dye Eggs




Tie Dye Eggs (2 methods) – I think tie dying is my fav from the years.  I am a grown up hippie at heart!

Thanks Amanda’s Cookin



Polka Dot Easter Eggs

Polka Dot Easter Eggs – very simple, yet very elegant. Site it in Spanish?   But instructions are in english.


Thanks Sandra Mangas


Kool Aid Easter EggsKool Aid Dyed Easter Eggs – I added this as a fun fact and inexpensive way to dye your eggs. I bet you have kool aid on hand already.


Thanks Hey Jen Renee


Neon Dipped Easter EggsNeon Dipped Easter Eggs – I think these are so cool looking, don’t you?  I love the ones that the colors overlap each other.

Thanks Oh Joy!




Gold Striped Easter Eggs

Gold Striped Easter Eggs – How fancy do these look?  She uses plastic eggs which is probably better to save em.

Thanks Delineate Your Dwelling



Glow in the dark Easter Eggs

Glow in the dark Easter Eggs – now this is a great idea for the older kids that still wanna hunt.  Bet my kids wish I had thought of this when they were younger.


Thanks Savings Sarah




Ombre Easter Eggs

Ombre Easter Eggs – check these out!  Ah-mazing!  She uses spray paint on hand blown eggs.



Thanks Ashbee Design






If these aren’t your fancy, check out these sites that have several ideas listed:

7 Ways to Decorate your Eggs – some really cool ideas here!!

19 Creative Ways to Decorate your Easter Eggs – from not taking much time to really putting some time into your eggs.

15 Creative ways to Decorate your Easter Eggs – some of these will wow you.  Definitely spent some time on some, not to mention patience. I really love the ones done with old ties.

Hopefully, if you were looking for new ideas, you’ve found something with these creative people.  If you have any to add, please feel free to do so!!

Rock on!





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