Sugar FREE Easter Basket Fillers

Easter Basket Fillers

Most of us are trying to cut sugar from our diets more and more lately, and if you grew up in my days, you know that the “norm” for Easter basket & plastic egg fillers is/was candy AKA Sugah!  Here are some alternatives I found that you can use instead of that sugar-induced-make-my-kid-go-crazy candy.  This includes food & other items!

Oh! Did I mention that these aren’t just for the kids…a couple nifty ideas for adults too!! Grandmas, Grandpas, Moms, Dads and even your grown up kids and grandkids can get an Easter Basket.

Hope my kids are reading this!!


Goldfish Carrots

Goldfish Carrots -This is my top one.  I pinned it a few weeks back   and it has been repinned lots! She gives you a step by step on how to make. You could put something other than goldfish in here, just go for orange.

Thanks Learning to Grow Peas!









Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas


 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Kids – there are 20 ideas for inexpensive fillers for the basket.  For girls & boys!!


Thanks Dump your Frump (too funny)







A Natural Easter Basket

 A Natural Easter Basket – filled with wholesome, natural foods.  You can get your own creative juices flowing here with this awesome idea!


Thanks 100 Layer Cake-let








101 Kids Easter Basket Ideas

 101 Easter Basket Ideas – another good list of items for your kids Easter basket that isn’t Candy!!!

Thanks The Mom Creative




Dora Easter Basket

 Dora Easter Basket – Do a themed basket for you kiddo.  If they’re not into Dora the Explorah, then go with their fav character.  Throw in a few extra of their fav things to do too. 









Easter Basket for boys

99 Easter Basket Ideas for Boys – Here she lists ideas based on an age range.  She even includes those college aged boys.

 Thanks Faithful Provisions







Easter Basket Ideas for girls

99 Easter Basket Ideas for Girls – Again, she makes us a list covering all ages up to college aged girls.

Thanks again Faithful Provisions




Gardener Easter Basket

Gardener Easter Basket – how creative is this?  Easter Baskets aren’t just for kids anymore!!  I would love one of these…ahem.


Thanks Reader’s Digest



Mens Easter Basket


 Men’s Easter Basket – I think this is another very creative idea.  Do you make a basket for the man in your life?  Maybe you’ll want to now!


Thanks Evite






Some other ideas for grown up Easter Baskets are…

-Basket full of yarn and hooks for that crocheter/knitter in your life

-Duffle bag with athletic items (pedometer, water bottle, etc.)

-Basket full of pampering items (bubble bath, candles, lotion, etc.)

-Basket full of tools for your man….or woman (we use them too)


Now for filling those plastic eggs up!!

Plastic Egg Fillers


50 things to put inside plastic eggs besides candy – Some good ideas, I especially like the puzzle pieces. After you find the eggs with the puzzle aren’t done…gotta put it together now.


Thanks Growing a Jeweled Rose






Nail Polish Plastic Easter Eggs

Nail Polish Eggs – Bet your little girl would love those.  I have a few granddaughters that would for sure.


Thanks Mache’ Mag




 Hope this gave you some good ideas!  If you have any that we didn’t cover…please let us know below. 

Rock on!


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    1. Thanks so much Paula! Candy is so overrated, right?

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Have a great day!


  1. Fantastic ideas, Bobbi! I usually includet a mix of candy and small toy items, but I’ll find the candy still laying in the bottom of his basket two weeks later. I think he’d be just as happy without it. Thanks for sharing some new ideas 🙂 XO


    1. You must be one of the lucky ones. Candy was the first to go in my kids baskets. 🙂 Maybe we can change that, one basket at a time.

      Thanks for taking the time to cruise on by. Have a great day!


  2. Bobbi,
    What creative ideas you have shared today! Thanks so much. I am happily pinning your post 🙂


    1. Thanks so much Meegan! I appreciate you coming by and checking it out…and thanks for pinning!!!

      Have a great day!!


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