8 Yummy Easter Treats 1

8 Yummy Easter Treats











I went looking for some yummy Easter treats to make this year and while I was at it, I thought you might like some of my ideas.  I have included a picture and a link to the person behind the yumminess.  I hope you find something yummy to make too 🙂


WARNING: The following is full of sugah!!


Easter Muddy Buddies


Easter Muddy Buddies – who doesn’t like Muddy Buddies. Easy to make, easier to snack on.  Use for your own get together, or as a gift in a fancied up mason jar.

 Rebel Chick






Easter Jelly Bean Bark



Easter Jelly Bean Bark – for all you jelly bean lovers out there!! Use your fav jelly beans and add it to yummy white chocolate.  Only has 3 ingredients…doesn’t get any easier than that.







Colored Deviled Eggs

Colorful Deviled Eggs – deviled eggs are a given at certain holidays at our house. But this year, I’m makin them all pretty like this.

 The Bragging Mommy







Nutter Butter Easter Chicks



Nutter Butter Easter chicks – ah man…I love nutter butters. And, these are sooo cute. I’d eat em!


Kathy @ Food.com



Rice Krispie Deco Eggs

Dipped & Decorated Rice Krispie Eggs – so creative and pretty.  Classic dessert/snack with an Easter twist!


Food, Family & Finds




Easter Bunny Peeps Cupcakes


Easter Peeps Cupcakes – you can choose your cupcake flavor here. How simple does this look. 


Mommy Savers








Peeps in a nest



Marshmallow peeps in a nest – another way to use peeps. This time in the classic rice crispy treat.









Oreo Suckers



Easter Oreo Cookie Suckers – How freakin cute are these? I’m getting fat just looking at this pic.

How Does She




Is your mouth watering bout now?  If you have any other fav Easter yummies, feel free to leae

Rock on!


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