8 Easter Crafts & DIY’s – Inspirations

8 Easter Craft & DIYs - Inspirations












I have found some pretty cool crafts & DIY’s for you to make for Easter.  I have included a picture and a link to the person behind the craftiness.  I hope these inspire you as much as they did me. 

Mason Jar Easter

Mason Jar Easter Treat Gifts – If you don’t know me very well yet, you will soon find out, I’m a sucker for mason jar crafts.  You can see for yourself how cute this is.  Craft + goodies inside…can’t beat that.  Source – Create.Craft.Love











Oreo Suckers

Easter Oreo Cookie Suckers – How freakin cute are these? I’m getting fat just looking at this pic. Source – How Does She





Are we seeing a pattern here?  Maybe I should have named this Easter Goodies.  I should stick to the point.

Fabric Basket

Fabric Easter Basket – I want to make one of these right now, but I need to go get the materials.  Sewing involved.  Source – Moda Bake Shop








DIY Easter Cross Wreath



DIY Easter Cross Wreath – simply gorgeous. Love the look of this cross.  Source – Cheerios & Lattes









DIY Easter Decor


 DIY Easter Decor – here I go again…I really must have a sweet tooth today.  Check this easy & edible decoration. When Easter comes…I say…hit that jar!!  🙂  Source – Find Silver Linings









Easter Egg Bouquet

Easter Egg Bouquet – easy and simple……yet soooo cute.  Source – Bird’s Party Blog







Sock hop bunnies

Sock hop bunnies – what a cute idea.  You can make these with unmatched socks you have laying around.  If you don’t have the right colors…then hit up the dollar store. Source – Spoonful


**If you get a chance…check out this site…one of my fav blogs of late!!



Plastic Easter Egg Bunny

Plastic Easter Egg Bunny – make cute lil bunnies using plastic Easter eggs.  If you continue to go through these ideas…you’ll find some more really cute ideas for things to make with plastic Easter eggs.  Source – Parents






I hope you liked at least one of these ideas and you find yourself excited to make it.  If you have a fav (either listed here or not), please feel free to comment below and let us know.

Rock on!


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