St. Patrick’s Day FOOD – YUMMMY Inspirations

Looking for a reason to cook some yumminess?  I have to confess, sometimes the only reason I like holidays is so I actually have a reason to make the goodies.  Don’t think I need help yet tho.

St. Patrick's Day Food Inspirations

I have found some cool websites that have recipes for you to make if you’re like me or should you celebrate this holiday as if you’re IRISH!!! I actually am, well enough to claim it!


Creme de mint Brownies Bites – OMG – can’t wait to make these!! Source – Better Homes & Garden






Copycat McDonald’s Shamrock Shake – Love these. Hate that they only serve them around St. Patty’s Day. Source –






Rainbow Cupcakes – these are just cool as heck looking.  Source – Spoonful







Shamrock Pretzel Snacks – This doesn’t only look yummy…but pretty too. Source – Allfreekidscrafts






Sweet Shamrock Pretzel – looks pretty easy using refrigerated breadsticks. Source – Spoonful






Lucky Charms Cupcakes –  what a cute could definitely help with these. Source – Crystal & Co.






St. Patty Punch – throw another beverage in here, you’ll need it after eating all this sugar. Source – Crystal & Co.





I know that I’ve pretty much only included “bad for you” goodies.  So, if you are the sugar conscious, I have seen some people using green veggies in lieu of these yummy treats.  Use the mason jars from my other post (listed below) and throw some celery, cucumber, snap peas, green beans, green squash, broccoli or use some fruits like kiwi or green apples and have some dip for them in another green container.  Still stay green and healthy!!

Check out St. Patrick’s Day Crafts – Inspirations for some mason jar ideas.

Rock on!












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