Awesome All-Around iOS Photo Editors Apps – FREE!

I have covered several Photo Editor Apps now that are free.  My first post I went over some apps that were on the Windows Platform. My second post, I went over a couple on the iOS platform. Those two were very limited in what they allowed you to do, however, they were still pretty cool.

In this post, I will cover 2 more apps in the iOS platform. These two offer a lot more than the first two as far as filters and adjustments.  They are very similar to each other, so rather than doing the same adjustment/effect with both, I did different ones.

The two I will be showing you today are Photo Editor – Lite and Editor Lite.  If I had to pick one, it would be Editor Lite.  Only reason being that Editor Lite gives you one more cool effect.  The mirror effect.


They both show ads at the footer of the device and I never experienced a pop up that got in my way while editing.


They both offer effects (changing the color scheme on the picture.

They both allow you to focus in a certain area of the picture (both with the circle and the rectangle shape)

They both offer frames to attach to your picture.

They both offer stickers to attach to your picture. (You must install the “free pack” in order to use stickers) You get the speech bubble, glasses, some headwear and a few shapes)

You can enhance the picture with both apps. From Hi-Def to Illuminate to Color Fix)

You can change the orientation of the picture. Rotate and Flip.

You can crop with both.

You can do lighting adjustments from brightness, to contrast, to warmth to saturation.

These also offer what’s called Splash. This handy dandy option turns your picture black and white and then allows you to color to a specific item. Not sure you read the other post, but this was the cool part about the Photo Delight and Color Effects app. Heck, now we don’t need them.

You can draw or write on the picture with both apps.

Text can be added to the picture with both as well.

They also give you the ability to fix redeye, whiten and fix blemishes.

You can do Meme, which is the ability to add text to the header and footer of the picture.

Here are some of my samples to get an idea of what you can do. Now, keep in mind I just did the basics with these and only applied one “effect” at a time.





Focus (rectangle – left)

(circle – right)





Blemish Corrector

Notice the top right flower 😉




Draw or Write







Avenue Effect






With a frame added


















Add some text (like the pic says, you can move and rotate the text)




ALSO, let me pass on another cool app…..KicksendKicksend is an app that you can chose pics from your device and have them sent to a participating photo place, like Walmart or Walgreens.  You have to have the location turned on so it finds the closest ones. Then you choose which one you want to have them developed at.  Put in the required info and email and they will send you an email when the pics are ready.  We have used this several times now and they take between 1-2 hours and they’re ready to go.  No hooking up to the lovely machines there and going through that mess. Or you can choose to have them sent somewhere…like I don’t know, the Grandma. 🙂


Rock on!




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