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In my last post, I showed some examples of a photo that I had edited using different photo editors (apps) on the Windows Platform.  Since that post takes too long to load, I decided to break the iOS editors down into one or two at the most.  I  will also get a little more detailed with these. I don’t have anything personal against Windows, just learning as I go, what you might want to hear and see about these.

The two I will be talking (ah hum, typing) about in this post are very limited in their capabilities. So, if you’re not looking to crop, adjust, rotate, etc., AND the picture you are using is exactly the way you want it, then these two can offer the ability to single out a color. If you try to do this using software, believe me when I tell you, it’s not as simple as these get.

Neither of these apps allow any cropping, resizing, brightness, contrast, you get the point, But what they do is turn your original picture black and white and give you the ability to “color” certain items.

Photo Delight only allows you to use the original color of the picture, whereas Color Effects allows you to change up the color AND you can customize the colors as well.

NOW, that being said, and I will show you the outcome of my experiment, since these are FREE apps, you have to deal with ads…wah wah wah. Photo Delight shows their ads at the top/header of the device, BUT, Color Effects’ ads will pop up when you’re in the middle of a setting and next thing you know, you’ve click the darn tootin’ ad.



Original Pic (decided to use something prettier this time)






Photo Delight Version






Color Effects Version




As you can see…they are the same quality. If you want the ability to change the color all together, go for Color Effects, BUT remember the ads are worse in that app.

Got any cool pics you’ve edited, or know of any others that are similar to these? Share!

Rock on!!

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