Learn to: Read Crochet Chart Symbols – Pattern

Howdy, I’m back again.  This time we’re going to step it up a notch and learn how to read crochet chart symbols, otherwise known as International Crochet Symbol System (notice the “International” there).  Hopefully, by now you are reading written patterns.  With Chart Symbols, there is no writing involved, only the symbol of the stitch required. Ok, wait, I lied, some have both on the pattern, written and the symbol, which does come in handy at times. Me, myself, I’m a visual learner.  I had to start out watching my Mom crochet, then I moved to YouTube vidoes and now I can just use a chart pattern. Not only does this stop you from having to scroll up and down if you’re reading on a computer or tablet, or flipping pages for those really long patterns, but it also allows you to step outside of US patterns.  I have come across some gorgeous items I would love to crochet, only to find out it’s written in a language I can’t read. wah wah wah.  If the Crochet Symbol System is used, then there is NO language barrier. Happy happy happy!!


Come on! Let’s learn this together!!


I will include a link at the bottom to help you even further if need be.



Basic symbols

If you know the stitch, then you’ll know what to do when you see the symbol.  All that’s left now is knowing where to start on a pattern. If the specified yarn and hook size is listed on the pattern, then go with it.  If not, it’s your call. Play with it and see what you get.




Reading the Pattern


You will find as the written patterns, that symbol patterns will vary as well.  Depends on the author, I will show a couple examples to get us started.


Flat Row Pattern

My version

Written pattern