How to: Read a crochet pattern – Part II


In my last post, I covered the basics of reading a crochet pattern. I will include the abbreviations again just in case you need to refresh your memory like I usually do.


Abbreviations play a big role in patterns. While most patterns will include a “key” or notes at the beginning of a book or before the pattern, some do not. I have found that it usually depends on the skill level required to complete the pattern. For example, if you are advanced, the designer figures you know the abbreviation.

Here are some basic abbreviation definitions (I will include a link to a more comprehensive chart).


Basic Crochet Abbreviations


Ch = Chain

Sl  or Sl St = Slip stitch

Sc = Single Crochet

Dc = Double Crochet

Hdc = Half Double Crochet

Tc = Triple Crochet or Treble Crochet

Sp(s) = Space(s)

St(s) = Stitch (es)

Yo = Yarn Over

Mc = Main Color

CA = Color A

CB = Color B

Rep = Repeat(s)

Pm = Place Marker

Rnd = Round(s)

Rem = Remaining

“ = inch(es)

* = repeat instructions following a single asterisk as directed

*  * = repeat instructions within asterisks as directed

( ) = work instructions within parenthesis as directed

[ ] = work instructions within brackets as directed


These are typically the abbreviations you will find in a pattern for a “beginner”. You may come across one here or there that is not listed, please refer to the Craft Yarn Council’s full list for any others not listed here.

More Advanced Stitch Abbreviations

Rather than add the videos at the bottom, I will include the link for the stitch in the stitch.  Some of these have the front and back post tutorial in the same video. These are not my videos, haven’t made it that far yet. So, many many thanks to these wonderful people for putting those out there for us to learn.


More Advanced Crochet Abbreviations


FPsc = Front Post single crochet

FPdc = Front Post double crochet

FPtc = Front Post triple/treble crochet

FP = Front Post

BP = Back Post


BPsc = Back Post single crochet

BPdc = Back Post double crochet

BPtc = Back Post triple/treble crochet

Sc2tog = Single crochet 2 together or SC decrease

Dc2tog = Double crochet 2 together or DC decrease

Trtr = Triple Treble Crochet

CL = Cluster

BO = Bobble


BL = Back loop(s)

FL = Front loop(s)


Dec = Decrease

Inc = Increase


RS = Right side

WS = Wrong side



Important to note here….posts and loops are two different things.  The video I attached for the front and back loop tutorial, it is for the single crochet, but I used it so you would just get the idea of what the “loop” means.  If you know the stitch, and the pattern tells you BL only, then you can do the instructed stitch in the back loop only.  This adds a different look to some of the patterns. I love to use the front or back loop and the front or back posts for the unique look it gives.


Good Luck!!!

Feel free to email me with any comments or concerns!

Look for the next post on Symbol Chart Patterns.

Rock on!


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