Purse Chain Turned Necklace

DIY chain necklace

Hi, it’s Kyleigh here, back on fashion duty!

Do you follow the trends, or do you start them? If you just want to follow, then stick to going to the store and buying what’s already been thought of. If you want to be a trend starter, then you’ve come to the right place. Check out what I did!

Old chain purse

I have a bunch of purses hanging in my closet. The other day when I was in there, one of them popped out at me. It was a cute pink purse with a un-hookable chain for a handle. I got it years ago for like a quarter.



Close up view of chain necklace

I took the chain off and tried it on, and it fit awesome! It had a cute rocker style feel to it. It made me think about my Dad’s motorcycle chain wallet. Tell me you wouldn’t buy this in a store. I would! But, I don’t have to ’cause it was free right out of my closet!

Cool+One of a kind+Free= Fabulicious!!!!





Got my rock tee on with my new sweet rocker chain necklace
Got my rock tee on with my new sweet rocker chain necklace

So do you want to start a trend? Then start looking around and using your

imagination! And share any ideas you come up with! That’s my story, and I

stickin’ to it!


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