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Hi, its Kyleigh here…and I wanted to tell you about what I discovered last night when I went to Hobby Lobby with my mudder (which means, Mom)!

Hobby Lobby Pamplets from all over the store
Hobby Lobby Pamplets from all over the store

   Did you know that they have all these little pamphlets for free?  There are pamphlets on just about everything there!  They have them scattered around in almost every different section of the store.  There’s some in the sewing isles, the painting isle, the flower isle, the paper art isle, the knitting isle, the cooking isle, and others!  Holy cow!  Have you seen these things?!  I love (sing-song voice) Hobby Lobby, but I really don’t know what half the stuff in there is.  Now not only do I know more about cwhat some of the stuff is, I have like a million ideas for projects I want to do!  I’m so inspired by these fabulous things!  I want to                                              share with you my favorite three to                                         see if they will inspire you too:)



Pamphlet 3.1

First-In the paper crafting section, I found a pamphlet all about how to decorate for a party using a mustache theme.  It shows invitations, gift bags, cup cake wrappers, a birthday banner, flags, decorations, and even a “stick the Pamphlet 3.2stache” game that’s like “pin the tail on the donkey”.  How cool is that?  I didn’t know these two things before yesterday: one- that I would love to be a party decorator and two- that I super duper want a mustache birthday party!  I’m already asking my mom for one, for real!




Pamphlet 2.1

Second- Another one from the paper crafting section called “hot pink-it’s a girl thing”.  I pretty much love everything thing in it. It shows you how to make picture frame plates, shadow boxes, storage boxes, and adorable hangers using patterned papers. Who knew there were so many things that you could use patterned paper for.Pamphlet 2.2 I just have to start using patterned paper to make my life and the things around completely cute-arific!

Pamphlet 3.1Last, but not least- A pamphlet from the sewing section that is so off the hook that made not only me, but my mum freak out too! Why do you ask? Because it has the most amazing ideas on how to use burlap. Burlap is so popular right now, and for good reason, don’t you think? I do! My favorite page in it shows aPamplet 3.2 sewing room that is to die for! Minus the dying, he he he. I can see me and my mom doing this stuff together!

Ok, so now you see how my mind works. I can take the simplest things like pamphlets at Hobby Lobby to inspire me. Is that how your mind works too? It’s not about being a crafty person, like me, but always looking at things around you in the world to inspire you. This is my Hobby Lobby inspiration, that’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it!

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  1. Oh my little Ky-Pie I love this!! You make me want to do projects, the only problem is I have no time to do anything!! Anyway you can give me some help finding some time?? remember I work almost 50 hours a week…


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