Learn how to crochet online

Learn to Crochet

Want to learn how to crochet online?

My mother passed on her passion for crocheting to me. We don’t live in the same city, so I didn’t have much time to learn a whole lot. From what she did show me made me want to learn more. Once she left, I felt lost. I had a hard time reading patterns, heck I didn’t know the majority of the abbreviations and terms they used. So, I turned to YouTube.  OMG, did I find lots of cool people out there ready to share their knowledge with the rest of us, FOR FREE!!



Before you go to YouTube and start watching, you might want to get some basics…


 May I suggest you get a package that includes the sizes: G,H,I,J,K.


Scissors of your choice


A tapestry needle.  Make sure the eye is big enough for the thickness of your yarn to fit through.  There are many sizes of these and you can get either plastic or metal. Your call.



And, last but not least, yarn of your choice.  You can buy yarn many different places and many different sizes, from Walmart, to Hobby Lobby, to JoAnns to many other online sites as well.  My favorites and the most affordable for me are RedHeart and LionBrand. Both of these you can find at the stores I mentioned and at their site. Just click the links.



Now off to YouTube you go!!!!

I have include some of my favs, or you can venture out and find some you like better. Do a search, make sure you include crochet or the stitch you want to learn. Start with your basics if you don’t know anything about crocheting. 

You will see that several factors play here.  You want a good view of the work being done, you need to be able to hear and understand your “instructor” and speed of the “instructor”,or maybe even if they offer slow-mo or playback. These are great to learn by cuz you can pause and rewind whenever you want. You can play them anywhere you get wifi (or it’s on your TV) and you can use headphones if you need your complete attention or you don’t wanna bother others in the room with you.

When you find someone you like, subscribe to them if they have many tutorials and ALWAYS remember to save your tutorial to either “watch later” or your “favorites”.


·        Crochet Crowd

·        BobWilson123

·        Red Heart

·        MeladorasCreation


NOTE: May I suggest that you use the yarn the tutorial advises at first. Once you get the hang of it, you will learn how to incorporate other brands and/or thickness into the pattern.

Now, GO!!

Next, I will cover “Learn to read a pattern”, from crochet abbreviations to types of stitches.

Rock on!


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