DIY Ombre Nails


DIY Ombre Nails








My Mom bought the Graduation Polishes by Kiss at Walmart which gives you what they call an ombre look on your nails, without going to the salon.  It’s a faded look.  Let me show you…

Kiss' graduation polish in gold

Pretty cool huh?  Well, we decided to try this same thing with some polishes we had around the house.  So here we go guys, let’s see how this turn’s out!  I’m excited!








Ombre redo


Here’s the colors we picked out: Step 1-An Instra-dry polish called Blue Away
Step 2-A sheer  polish called Electric
Step 3-A glittery polish called Diamonds





Ombre Step 1








Step 1- Paint a base coat and let dry



Ombre Step 2

Step 2- Paint about 1/3 of your nail









Ombre Step 3

Step 3- While step 2 is still wet, paint about 1/2 the nail with glitter, painting over step 2.  Ok, here’s the trick…paint the glitter above the step 2 paint without going over the color on the tip of the nail.  Once that’s done, then paint over the tip of the nail as well. Then use the brush to smudge the colors together if it’s needed.  It was needed with mine.



Pretty sweet, right?  So easy, a nine year old can do it!  I hope you can find some polishes around to try this with.  Let me know if you have an questions! That’s my story y’all, and I’m stickin’ to it!!!




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